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9/11 … one most important memory
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Blog Writing Guidelines for Creating Readable, Sharable Posts
John Lennon was murdered on this day 36 years ago
Diageo VR Experience Puts You Into a Drunk Driving Crash
Treeting: How to Tweet Like Trump
Dogs to the Rescue: Pedigree’s Brilliant Newsjacking
Brian Stelter: Fake News is a Plague on the Internet
Stroke of Genius: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Renée Elise Goldsberry rap about Hillary Clinton
This WhizKid may be the coolest kid on the Internet
Coleman F. Sweeney, the “World’s Biggest Asshole” Teaches An Important Lesson
5 business lessons from Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump’s social media methods
Facebook Live Coverage of Shootings Changes News Forever
7 Key Customer Service Guidelines Brands Need Now
Chewbacca Mask Mom & Google Home
Project Literacy – A Global Movement to Combat Illiteracy
What you must know about your Google About.Me Profile
Land’s End Drops Gloria Steinem, #HelpKenyaNotKanye
David Bowie’s Online Innovation, #NYValues; New Twitter Ads
Why nothing else matters if your customer service sucks
Topsy’s Dead: Here are 4 Other Great Twitter Tools
Does giving back really matter?
Jeff Bezos’ Solution to the Donald Trump Problem
Three Twitter #Hashtags Gone Wrong
Facebook apps and quizzes are a privacy nightmare
The Video Marketing Revolution
Jack Dorsey’s CEO Duet; Twitter Moments; YouNow Takes Off
#AskTrump Twitter Debacle, Lady GaGa’s Viral Video; #PigGate
Arrested for making clock, 14 year-old becomes overnight geek celebrity
Kids send R2D2 to Space, Diabolical iPhone Subscriptions
Should your brand be on Blab.im?
Maurico Luque Steals My Content
Force Friday, Blab.im’s Spectacular Rise: Beyond Social Media Show 110
How the Google-Twitter Partnership Changes SEO for Brands
Google Hangout Video Calls & Hangouts on Air Now Easier to Start
Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Interns’ Photoshop War
The PR Makeover of Cecil The Lion’s Killer Dr Walter Palmer
Google and Facebook race to provide global connectivity
Huff Post will cover Donald Trump campaign as entertainment
Poof! All Twitter profile background images disappear
#AmazonPrimeDay Bashing Was Fun, But Sales Are Up
Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz Spearheads 100kOpportunities
YouTube Launches Newswire, Bush Launches JEB!
Twitter Expands DM Size, Tampons Go Viral
Google & GoPro Team Up for Virtual Reality
Tweets now appear in Google Search: 7 Tips for Brands
President Obama Joins Twitter & Racists Respond
How NonProfits Can Get Big Results By Creatively Combining Free Google and Amazon Marketing Tools
#NeverSettleForVerizon & Violent Bar Coasters
ACLU Releases Cop Cam App
Frankie Manning 1914 – April 27, 2009: “Dancing is falling in love”
NHL Bans Meerkat & Periscope Live Streaming
Celebrities Take #TwizzlerChallenge for Autism Awareness
Hillary Clinton Logo BrouHaHa and Much More
Meet my sexy ergonomic keyboard
#AskSeaWorld Sinks, TedCruz NOT Com
[VIDEO] Pros & Cons of Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign
Toyota Rips Off Story: Gets Sued
Bill Lumberg: How to bulk up your email threads
Why People Unfollow Brands in Social Media
How and Why to Create Evergreen Content
Google’s Birthday Surprise for Google Plus Users
YouTube ISIS Ad Gaffe; More Google Plus Breakup Rumors
Social Media Guru Count Holding Steady at 157,355
Will Google+ Minus Hangouts?
What Google should do with Google+
Giuliani Blasts Obama & Social Media Blasts Back
50 Shades of Marketing, Twitter’s New Curator
Good, Bad & Truly Bizarre ’50 Shades of Grey’ Brand Tie-ins
Brian Williams’ Career Suicide; Google/Twitter SEO Deal, Papal Hangout
Pope Francis Does a Google+ Hangout
Video of Chris Christie Falling Off a Chair Goes Viral
GoDaddy, you’re repulsive repentant
All your marketing skills mean nothing!
Twitter’s rolling out new “While You Were Away” Timeline Feature. But Why?
Scary! Cicret bracelet makes your skin a touchscreen
25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2014
Really Stupid Drone Tricks, Really Silly Beard Baubbles, Honda’s Nostalgia
Four NYC Rabbis Arrested, FTC Warns Agencies, Subway Dancing
YouTube star Zoella’s novel, “Girl Online” is instant best-seller
More Twitter Travesties, Chocolate Farts, DeathSwitch
HRH Prince of Wales’ Hangout, Anti-Gun Humor, Hotel Privacy Shocker
HRH Prince of Wales hosts Google+ Hangout Spotlighting Young Brits
Three Social Media Storms, Google Robots Fight, Chevy Guy Returns
Resistance to Hangouts & Google+ is Social Media DejaVu
Texas PoliTech’s Dumb & Dumber Videos; Opera Decries Bullying
Warner Brothers Runs G+ Hangout on Air with Interstellar Stars
Tips & Tricks for creating a great Google+ Hover Card
Twitter Live Streams on YouTube, LOL Bulbs, Bad Google+ Advice
How NASA & NY Times Use Google+ Hangouts in Digital Strategy
NASA’s Brilliant Social Media Strategy
How to see today’s G+ Hangout with NASA & The NY Times
Plusses & Minuses: Tiffany hosts its first Google+ Shoppable Hangout
Join a live Google+ Hangout with NASA & The NY Times – Wed, Oct 22, 3-4 p.m. ET
Microsoft CEO Apologizes Lamely, Copyblogger Quits Facebook
Skype v Google+ Hangouts for Business
Not using Google+ Hangouts yet? You don’t want to be old school, Do You?
Microsoft CEO’s Outrageous $Karma Raise Advice to Women, DIY Invisibility
Kevin Richardson Plays Football With Lions, Facebook Bans LikeGating
[VIDEO] Interview with Eric Yaverbaum about Emma Watson Trolls
Budweiser Puppy & KLM Dog #FAILs + StatSocial Demo
What really makes content go viral?
#Sing2Lines: Social Media Singing Challenge to save a child
National Coalition for the Homeless Newsjacks iPhone6 Launch
Worst 9/11 Brand Tweets; Rice/NFL Debacle; Apple’s Launch
Join our first-ever Google+ Hangout Training Office Hour (gratis)
AmEx ISIS re-brand goofs; Amazon gets Twitch; LEGO Female Scientists are gone
Curious about Hangouts? Join one – gratis – during our Hangout Office Hour event on Friday, Sept 12
How Lawyers are Using Google+ Hangouts and why you should too
[VIDEO] Ferguson Protests, Cyber Attacks & an Aroused Horse
Live Dog Elected Mayor, Limbaugh Lies (again), Edelman PR #FAIL
10 ways your business can (should) use Google+ Hangouts
Hangouts’ Showcase app, Plagiarist Fired, Robots, Pot, Turds & Trust
How to view a Hangout that features the new Showcase app BETA
New Google+ Showcase app adds game-changing business value to Hangouts on Air
Google to reward users of Google+ Hangouts & YouTube Live Events with more prominent search placement
[VIDEO] Comcast’s terrible customer service goes viral (again)
LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]
[VIDEO] YouTube’s Richest Stars (Their earnings will blow your mind)
[VIDEO] Worst Brand Tweets of 2014 (so far)
Scatalogical Tweets offend; P&G, LeBron & YouTube Stars Score
Gawker’s mean, GM app is dangerous, Pantene’s ad is great [VIDEO]
Google will pay for women & minorities to learn coding
Netflix rocks branded content, Agencies resist G+, Starbucks pays tuition [VIDEO]
2014: Twitter bios show epic growth – to 297,897 – of self-proclaimed social media gurus
2nd Grader Uses Social Media to Start Anti-bullying Club
VIDEO: Net Neutrality Rant, Funny Alarm Clock, United Breaks Guitars2
Wondering what business can do with G+ Hangouts? Take a look!
Kentucky 5th graders on Virtual Field Trip via Hangout on Air
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Unconscious Tweets, State of the Internet, #HiddenCash
How to create a Lower Third for Google+ Hangouts & Video Calls
Beyond Social Media Show #49: A Jerk, a Hero Cat, Curly Hair & Jocks
Frankie100 NYC – celebrating Lindy Hop King Frankie Manning
Ready to get rid of the messy background in your videos?
VIDEO: Beyond Social Media Show # 48 – Preview
6 Great Examples of G+ Business Hangouts on Air: from career counseling to Chinese classes
Hermetically sealed couples, 3 Twitter #FAILS & a PowerPoint Killer [VIDEO]
Facebook’s Privacy Experiment, Tiny Hamsters Go Viral, Great Content Marketing
Burger King’s Subservient Chicken resurrected (kind of)
Eight incredibly creative (and lucrative) ways smart brands are using Google+
NYPD Twitterstorm, G+ is (Not) Dead, Virtual Field Trips [VIDEO]
Polymaths: “State of Infection” author Dr Michael J Frey
Beyond Social Media Show # 45 – Preview
Amazon 3D Phone, Google’s Easter Eggs & Social Media Mercy
Sing Halelulah! US Airways forgives poster of pornographic Tweet
19 ways Google+ Communities can help you grow your business
The Let’s Get Social Song, Virgin Galactic & Google’s phone
Webinar: How to Use Google+ Communities to Connect with Influencers – Thurs, April 17, 4 PM EDT
Bacon Alarm Clock, Big Papi/Obama Selfie, Honey Maid Stands Up
Facebook Communications Director’s arrogant response to Eat24’s BreakUp Letter
TacoBell’s phones with a past & LEGO’s social media
Here’s everything awful about corporate marketing videos
Worst Newsjack Ever, End of Facebook Free Ride, Catstarter
Do your press releases & PR pitches stink? I can fix them!
Olympics spat nets Chobani $70 in earned media for saying nothing
App turns water into wine; Food Truck turns beer into food; Chobani wins Olympics
How to find – and learn from – great content on Google+
Coca-Cola video mocking our social media addiction goes viral
RIP: Alice Herz-Sommer, world’s oldest Holocaust survivor, dies at 110
How to use Google+ in Marketing & why you should: Barry Feldman interviews B.L. Ochman
Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
Kentucky School Principal’s rocking Snow Day Video Goes Viral
B.L. Ochman’s Tips & Tricks for creating a great Google+ HoverCard
11 ways every GooglePlus post promotes your content
Uber’s Dirty Tricks; Twitter saves lost bunny, furniture industry gets hip: Beyond Social Media Show # 33
Preview of Beyond Social Media Show # 33, Wednesday, 1/29/2014 at 9 PM EST
B.L. Ochman’s tips for creating a great GooglePlus profile
Five Pervasive Myths about GooglePlus
MLK Day Mistweets, Richard Sherman’s Rant & EA’s Non-Disclosed Paid Reviews
Mashable Disses Google+, Facebook Jumps the Shark, Rodman Rants: Beyond Social Media Show # 31
Preview, Beyond Social Media Show Episode 31 – Tues, Jan 14, 2014 9 PM EST
Yes, you need to learn Google+! What you need to know right now
This may be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me :)
Fashion Brands Partner with Google for Shoppable GooglePlus Hangouts
Beyond Social Media Show #30: Sacco Sacked, Dogecoin Soars
Profiles of Polymaths: Tod Emko – computer programmer, biodiversity activist, foundation founder, cartoonist and author
Remembering Dr. Howard Boone Jacobson
Uh Oh Spaghettios, Anchorman2 PR, Cat Academy – Beyond Social Media Show 28
Top Three reasons GooglePlus should not be compared to Facebook
Book a GooglePlus Helpout with me, B.L. Ochman, Google+ Wiz
Beyond Social Media Show # 26 – Twerking Turkeys, Epic Splits, YouTube Shutdown
Let’s wish wonderful Alice Herz-Sommers a happy 110th birthday TODAY, Nov 26
Ready to learn the best ways to use GooglePlus? I’ll teach you!
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
Degage Ministries: creating a market for something to believe in
Dell Smells: Dell Finally Agrees to Fix Laptops That Smell Like Cat Pee
Martha Stewart’s Big Blogger Blunder; Tide’s Scary Vines; apps and stats you need – Beyond Social Media Show
Dear PR People: Please take this quiz before you send out another press release or email pitch
Dear Google: You played your new terms of service announcement all wrong
Fox News Brand Jacking; Google’s New Privacy Policy & Hummingbird Update – Beyond Social Media Show
Alice Herz-Sommer, 109 – world’s oldest Holocaust survivor – a beautiful inspiration & subject of new documentary
Join us Tues, Oct 1 at 2 PM EST for 1/2 hour live Google+ Hangout on Air with The Beyond Social Media Show
Beyond Social Media: Apps & shiny new objects you can use
Beyond Social Media: Exploding yogurt, rude bottle caps, Google+ Helpouts & lots more
Beyond Social Media Show: social media triumphs & failures + apps & stats you need
9/11, a dozen years later, memory lost
Beyond Social Media: Guinness Wheelchair Basketball and thanks to Matt Cortellesi
Beyond Social Media – This will never be ok!
How to optimize your GooglePlus profile – and why you must
Learn how to set up your Google+ profile for maximum impact in a no-charge 15-minute demo Sept 4 at 12:30 PM EST
Former McDonald’s President begins Lyfe Kitchens sustainable fast food chain
Beyond Social Media Show: Blecch! Israeli Newspaper says its new website is better than sex
Astra Bottle Theater: having fun cleaning up Hamburg’s red light district
Climate Name Change: a brilliant way to deal with people who ignore science and a sense of humor about a serious issue
Beyond Social Media Show: Worst QR Codes Ever; Google+ Helpouts Coming; Weiner weiners; stats you need, tools you can use
While brands & gurus whine, White House holds Google+ Geek Week Hangout
Google is opening a free New York City YouTube Space for video production
New Cali CowChat mobile app gives you a talking Cowvatar who can tap dance (& more!)
Menstruation goes viral with Hello Flo tampon subscription service’s hilarious video
Dear Google: You are doing a terrible job of explaining Google Plus
Beyond Social Media: Password Pills Make Your Whole Body the Password
Bank of America’s Epic Twitter #FAIL
Free Databoard from Google lets you make infographics from research reports
Top three reasons you can’t ignore GooglePlus for another minute!
Beyond Social Media Show Episode 3 – Daredevils, Strange Protests, Shiny Objects You Can Use & Lots More
Beyond Social Media Google Hangout, Episode 2: Aliens, Despots, TicTacs & Shiny New Stuff
Lone Signal lets you send a text message to space to try to reach extraterrestrials
Hallelulah! Offline Glass Prevents Cellphone Use in Bars & Restaurants
Google’s Project Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet for Everyone, Everywhere
Why Google Plus rocks – and why we’ve switched Beyond Social Media Show from BlogTalk Radio to Google+ Hangouts on Air
Brilliant “Better Futures: a stock for social change” updates iconic 40 year-old PSA
Adobe Creative Days Creates Real-Time Photoshop Bus Stop
Contribute to fight Alzheimer’s: you might win a trip to London and lunch with Samuel L Jackson
Wearable Tech Devices, Mobile Payments & Drones: Mary Meeker’s 2013 Internet Trends Report
Zach Sobiech’s “My Last Days” – Stop what you’re doing and watch this. Really.
Nutella goes nuts – sends Cease & Desist to its biggest fan
Beyond Social Media: CNN Forgets the Facts (again), Nutella Goes Nuts, and More
Sport of Endorsement Bombing gains traction on LinkedIn
Amy’s Baking Company: the most epic social media fail EVER
#Deadgiveaway Not Funny, Space Rock, EPIC Social Media FAIL – Call Beyond Social Media podcast tonight, 9:30 EDT
The coolest music video ever: Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station
Join My Webinar: “Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely” – May 9, 4 PM EDT
A brilliant promotion for a new book about how the Internet is frying our brains
Beyond Social Media Podcast, May 7 – Pissed Consumers, Gov Christie goes splat, Tide raises spirits
Best new apps for business and fun: Go Comics, Making Photos Talk and a Vine Update
Beyond Social Media Podcast – Is Hyundai Lying? Coca Cola’s Young Love, Gay on Twitter & Speaking Photos
What Google’s race to perfect the semantic web means to brands (and you)
A very personal response to Hyundai’s “Pipe Job” – the most disgusting car ad EVER
Beyond Social Media Podcast: Ship Your Pants, AP Twitter Hack, & Vibrating Underwear
Kmart’s double entendre “Ship My Pants” ad goes viral, but also offends
Durex Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and (Really) Touch Someone
Social Media lessons for brands in Boston tragedy aftermath
Daan Roosegaarde: making suits that become transparent when bankers tell lies
Beyond Social Media Show: Macy’s $1,453 Typo, Punch Pizza Pix, & HP Photoball
New Social Media Image Maker lets you resize & retouch images for all platforms
Technorati 2013 Digital Influence Report: Is Blogging Dead? Hell No!
QR Codes are history. Paper’s gone digital!
Book Review: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Building a Website or Blog with WordPress
Existential, angst-ridden cat, Henri, le Chat Noir, commissioned by Friskies
BurgerKing social media team caught napping as @Anonymous ?? hacks BK Twitter account
How Beyonce’s publicist made a not so bad situation worse
What you give Facebook and its advertisers when you enter a contest
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Brilliant! Facebook app lets you find someone to blame for giving you the flu
Twitter bios show exponential increase – to 181,000 – in self-proclaimed social media gurus
BL Ochman Word Cloud: a visual representation of my career in digital strategy and emerging media marketing
Happy New Year – Wishing You a Lucky 2013
NJ Gov. Chris Christie (Republican) Calls House Republicans’ Denial of Sandy Aid “Disgusting”
It’s time for brands to abandon the easily pranked “Tell us why you love us” contest
Social media tools and tech toys you can use
“Beyond Social Media,” tonight, 9:30 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio
Lego: a company that doesn’t have to force customers to Like them on Facebook
Instant gratification comes to online shoppers with Q1 launch of Shutl service promising immediate delivery
“Beyond Social Media” on Blog Talk Radio Tonight, 9:30 P.M. EST
Top brands are targeting DailyBreak’s 10 million young adult members with high-yield social contests
Dear Dog.com: Here are the top three reasons why forcing Facebook “Likes” is a bad – and prohibited – idea
Beyond Social Media: Six don’t-miss marketing resources, cool tools and fun toys
The Onion Lampoons Social Media Gurus
“Dumb Ways to Die” Train Safety Tips Video Goes Viral. Go Figure!
“Beyond Social Media” tonight, 9:30 pm EST
Can a campy Bigfoot relative sell Cousins Subs? Stay tuned!
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Brilliant LoMo #CaptureEuphoria Campaign on Instagram
How Hurricane Sandy Gave Me a New Respect for Garbage
How viral video helped sell 2.5 million Orabrush tongue cleaners and crowdsource funds for the new Orapup dog breath cure
Viral video spoof that’s not so far from reality
Political protests go viral in Amazon product reviews. How should brands respond?
Coke’s Happiness Campaign continues to surprise and delight. So why force Facebook “Likes”?
Chase Community Giving Contest becomes poster child for what not to do in corporate philanthropy
Nothing Else Matters if Your Customer Service Sucks
Exclusive: Cheating accusations made in Chase Community Giving Contest. AGAIN.
Delusional Marketing: “we got 70 million page visits for $0 cost”
9/11 is back. Dammit.
Study of top 100 e-commerce checkouts shows 82% have usability issues
The speech I wish we’d hear at the Democratic convention
‘BIC for Her’ pen is lambasted as hundreds of women hijack Amazon reviews
RomneyRyan.com spoofs Romney’s tax returns with fake site by 26 year-old New Yorker
Does any big chain have the balls to take a stand against the outrageous cost of replacement ink for printers?
Staples demonstrates how not to do customer relationship management
Petco, Nature’s Variety, Diamond Pet Food Recalls Are Hidden. WHY?
Bovomaniancs Rejoice! The talking California dairy cows are back
Look Ma! No Lawyers! Charmin demonstrates the value of a sense of humor in social media
Job seekers are turning to clever, sometimes wacky tactics. Do they work?
Top 7 reasons Twitter should hire B.L. Ochman
Social media still suffers from Slide 29 syndrome
Why advertisers should put their money on Twitter
Dear PR People: Please take this quiz before you send out another press release or email pitch
Dear GM: Don’t Blame Facebook for your social media problems
TEDx East 2012 – a mind-stretching experience
How Blogging Changed My Life for the Better
Why You Can’t Make Marketing Go Viral, Redux
Terra marketing goes to the dogs as owners swap poop for wifi
WiseStamp lets you add your social content to your emails in real time. We’ve come a long way, baby.
Nancy Schwartzman: a force for social change, and, hopefully, an inspiration for brands
Top three reasons why social media is still a tough sell
Yay! Room 214 issues a social media trends report that’s more than a thinly veiled sales pitch
Playing Catch-up with Pepsi, Coca-Cola Unveils Social Media Strategy Thru 2020
A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
McDonald’s, NYPD Punked by YES Men “Three Strikes, You’re In” Spoof Campaign
March is DVT Awareness Month – Please Read This Post
Dear PR Peeps: please read this *really great* PR pitch! (And what he was pitching)
Three much better ways to spend money than Super Bowl ads
Social Media Gurus in 2062
How – and why – to protect yourself from Google’s new privacy & search policies
Zappos to hacked customers: we’re here to help! Facebook to hacked customers: Screw you!
Facebook silent as my account and 45,000 others are hacked. 600,000 Facebook logins are compromised daily. What to do if your Facebook account is hacked.
What’s Next Blog’s First Annual Pissoffy Awards
Happy New Year!
Newt Gingrich punked by ignorance as www.newtgingrich.com becomes a joke – and I bought two more good ones!
Nine very good tools for monitoring your brand in social media
Delusional PR Pitch: “we got 70 million page visits for $0 cost”. Time, money, and The Picasso Principle
Occupy Wall St: citizen journalists and buggy whips
A new and better way to measure Twitter influence
No, QR Codes are not dead. But some of the stupid ways they’re used should be killed.
A little rant about social media ethics, inspired by Robert Scoble
9/11/11: The kindness of friends and strangers helped me heal. Thank you!
What brands can learn from Airbnb’s reputation management disaster
Want more Twitter followers? A Google+ invite? More Facebook Likes? They’re all for sale on eBay.
Uh Oh! Facebook blew it again on privacy. So what!
Down Sparky! Self-proclaimed Google+ experts already multiplying like rabbits
Google’s missing link: customer service. It has none.
Gone fishing
Don’t call us! 47 of the Fortune 50 have no phone number on their homepage
Top 8 ways to stop pissing off (and losing) your customers
50% off Likeable U Conference for What’s Next Readers
Why I’m cancelling my NY Times subscription
Hire me :>) I’m looking for a great new job!
Six lessons companies can learn from customer service hell
How I got hooked on the marketing power of the Internet in 1996
What’s Next Blog Study (Part 2): Many of the Fortune 50 face potential reputation issues on Facebook Community Pages (and you might also)
Disturbing trend: big brands pimping Facebook “Likes”
A Collaborative Campaign & Contest from Stonyfield & Coca-Cola’s Honest Tea has a missing link — to reality
Ethics Crisis Blog is baaack! Confess your ethical transgressions *anonymously* (really) and we’ll vote on how bad you are
What’s Next Blog study: Why are 56% of the Fortune 50 still hiding their social media presence?
Recent Big Brand Social Media Kerfuffles: BFD
My one-minute interview with three Facebook reps: will Facebook replace company websites?
Review: Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod – Buy this Book!
Howard Rheingold on how to keep Mark Zuckerberg from eating your brains
My Social Media Week Presentation on Online Reputation Management
Mary Meeker: Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends for 2011
How to have a totally freaking amazing corporate blog
Yowsa! Student Jonathan Bray gets a grade of 100% on his paper based on my article, “In Defense of Social Media”
The end of editorial judgement at the NY Observer?
Taco Bell tells us where the beef is – does it make you hungry for Taco Bell?
In Defense of Social Media: it’s not dead, or dying
11 important social media and web monitoring tools marketers should know
B.L. Ochman’s 2011 Online Marketing Predictions: Semantic Web, Mobile Gurus, and the end of corporate webites
Yahoo! closing (?) Delicious. How to save your bookmarks. Do it now!
B.L. Ochman’s 12 Tenets of Social Media Marketing, Redux
Fortune 50 Mobile Communications: they’ve got it, but they don’t flaunt it
Social CRM, Part 2 – MediaTemple’s Heroic Measures for a Damsel in Distress
Social CRM – Thank you Ben & Jerry’s: a brand that’s social, for real, (and MediaTemple, for trying)
Facebook Community Pages: corporate reputation nightmares waiting to happen? Claim yours now!
How to make sure your corporate blog has readers
Facebook COO Sandberg, June 2010: “Email is probably going away”
Dr. Jan Gurley’s YouTube video: a simple solution to help cholera victims in Haiti – pass it on please
With Olbermann suspension, journalistic objectivity, always an illusion, bites the dust
Joy goes viral with Alice Herz-Sommer, 107 on Nov. 26th – world’s oldest Holocaust survivor
Some elegant and cheap social media tools you’ll love
How some social media icons drink from the media firehose without drowning
Your skills aren’t up to date. You could soon be asking “Would you like fries with that?
9/11 2010: Reflections, 9 years after a day in hell
New report on “The State of Mobile Communications” says be mobile or be dust
How to have a totally freaking amazing corporate blog
Target’s Checkered Past – and Present – in Social Media
Old Spice: a brilliant tactic whose strategy (and scent) reeks
New Media Marketing: Why Small Boutique Agencies Still Trump Big Ad Agencies
Dispelling Four Top Corporate Myths About Social Media
B.L. Ochman’s Internet Writing Manifesto
Why you can’t make marketing go viral
BP: This is your image – forever. You can’t spin it.
Self-proclaimed social media guru count growth slows: new titles emerge
Players in Dr Pepper Facebook status takeover game give up lots more than privacy
What’s Next Blog Comment Policy
7 reasons social media won’t work for your company
Dear Zuck: Turnaround is fair play. How do you like it?
Beyond the 3D Internet – a look at what’s next in Interaction
The Stealth Interview (the one that didn’t happen)
Mark Zuckerberg: Why are you hiding? Entrepreneurs are already creating privacy solutions as Facebook’s Zuckerberg stays mum
Facebook Privacy Changes – Opportunity or Threat for Brands?
Promoted Tweets: a wake-up call for Madison Ave (and everyone else too)
Why Most of Fortune 10 Still Hiding Social Media Involvement from their homepages
Nestle’s, Greenpeace, and Facebook fans in (unnecessary) food fight
Dear Delta Airlines: Nothing Else Matters if Your Customer Service Sucks
Chris Brogan (and I) rail against the 24-hour clock
Why ‘good enough’ isn’t
Hey Old Spice and Time Warner! You were the laughing stock of social media week new york
Toyota: Way too little, way too late & what they should have done
2010 Social Media Week NYC: My Schedule & Recommended Events
I’m baaaack! and why I’ve been so quiet lately
Linchpin: BL Ochman Interviews Seth Godin about how to be indispensable
Votes are in: my new title is Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof Digital Media
Six Reasons Big Companies Aren’t Creative & Six Ways to Foster Creativity
I’m joining Proof Digital Media as a Managing Director and Crowd-sourcing my title
Trendsspotting Report: 2010 Online Marketing Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 characters
Social media: “just modern tools to do something very basic”
Self-Proclaimed Social Media Gurus on Twitter Multiplying Like Rabbits
NEW Report! Straight Talk About Social Media: a no-nonsense guide for corporations By B.L. Ochman
B.L. Ochman’s 2010 Online Marketing Predictions: Blog ads, mobile, & solopreneurs
Retailers Competing on Price: a zero sum game played in an echo chamber
Starbucks and Kelloggs: Two silly strategies
The only two questions you need to ask your prospective social media agency
Marketing Personalization for fun and profit – a study in contrast
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