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Pinocchio_nose.jpgBy B.L. OchmanTell me again why people think MSM is objective? The headline on the Red Herring story says “Bloggers Are Trusted Least.” But the content proves the opposite. And Reuters global managung editor reports the opposite.
The subhead says, “Poll ranks the Internet and blogs at the bottom among news media.”
Red Herring Blog Bashing is Fishy
There’s no byline on the Herring story, which states, “The survey, conducted by the polling company GlobeScan for the BBC-Reuters-Media Center “We Media” Forum and released Wednesday, ranked national TV as the most trusted news source overall, trusted by 82 percent of the 10,230 people surveyed in 10 countries.”
But GlobeScan President Doug Miller is quoted:

“National TV is still the most trusted news source by a wide margin, although the Internet is gaining ground among the young,” he added. “The jury is still out on blogs. Just as many people distrust them as trust them.”

Gee, is the Red Herring reporter’s view of bloggers just a little fishy?
According to Matthew Buckland at Poynter’s E-Media Tidbits, David Schlesinger, global managing editor of Reuters, “gave one of the more lucid opinions on the role of blogs and the issue of trust at We Media conference in London.

He emphasized that blogs are a medium which should not be confused with the message. He observed that blogs are not innately trustworthy or distrust-worthy in themselves, and he warned against talking about blogs as one big, unanimous group. There are so many blogs out there — and each carries its own weight and unique message and inspires a different level of trust.