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By B.L. Ochman Literally thousands of CEOs, marketing officers, analysts, engineers and other corporate employees are blogging. Yet you’ll be hard-pressed to find most corporate blogs through the company web sites. My guess is that lawyers or PR departments are a more than a little nervous about this whole new media, “listen to your customers” thing, so they said “Well, ok, we can try it, but don’t make the damn blog too easy to find.”
For example, you won’t find links to company blogs at:

The New York Times, despite Byron Calame’s recent article, “The Times’s New Blogs: More Information, Fewer Filters”, which lists the company’s blogs.
The Wall Street Journal, which has law and other blogs that are not listed or linked to each other.
General Motors, where GM vice-chairman Bob Lutz and others blog.
The New York Stock Exchange, which publishes Hybrid Talk
HP,, where Eric Kintz, Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence, blogs
Novell , kind of hard to find, but once you do, there are many here, plus one by CTO Dr Jeff Jaffee and Novell Open PR, which “gives Novell watchers information about what’s happening in the company that might not make the cut for a press release, but is still of interest to the market and Novell’s customers.” (Yeah, right.)