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Never Use These Six Words
Let’s Ban the “About Us” Page on Websites
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Does Your Company Have a Social Media Participation Policy? IBM & Sun Do
Prescription for Failure: Obscure ooVoo Switches to Paid Model
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Noteworthy New Blogs: Beyond Blah Blah Blogging
What Social Media Marketing is Not. Hint: It’s Not Voodoo
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Blog Council Says Feedback Schmeedback
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Blogs and Social Media – We’ve Come Sort of a Long Way, Baby
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Microsoft Surface: New Territory or a Giant iPhone Touch Screen?
Google Introduces Free Mobile 411 Service. Take That Verizon et al!
Stormhoek’s Blue Monster Reserve for Microsoft Arrives on the Cluetrain
It’s Steve Jobs Bashing Time – But Don’t Sell Your Apple Stock
Stage Two of My Battle Against Unnecessary Email
Why They Call it Work
Email: An Idea Who’s Whose Time Has (Way) Past
Reports of Blogging’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
Kryptonite Lock: You’ve (Ever So Slowly) Come a Long Way Baby!
Verizon Consolidates Its Marketing and Thinks Its Move Is Revolutionary. Oy Vey
AmEx Members Project Raises the Bar in Social Media Marketing
Microsoft: All Your Free Software Are Belong to Us
Study: 82% of Americans Trust Social Media Before Corporate Sites
Marketing Charts to Provide Marketing Data Digest and Downloadable Charts
Gartner: 80% of Internet Users Will Have a Virtual Life By 2011
Google v God
The Myth of Not Cultivating Bloggers
New Yorker Hoses Edelman in Article on Wal-Mart PR
Menu Foods Struggling to Handle Recall of 89 Brands of Pet Foods
Hey Splenda! You Missed Splenda-Sucks.com
Is Twitter a Fad? Like Blogging? Ha Ha!
B.L. Ochman & Company Launches Blog Advertising and Creative Agency
Dell Takes a Step in the Right Direction With Dell Idea Storm
HP May Have a Blog Storm Brewing
Forget Press Releases – You Tube Videos Are the Way to Distribute News
Media Post: Edelman Urged To Overhaul Wal-Mart Flogs
Why Big Companies Are Bombing in Second Life
Arrington and The Pitch From Hell
Richard Edelman Defends Wal-Mart Flogs
The Conversation Needs to Start INSIDE
Edelman and Social Media – The Emperor Has No Clothes
Second Life Economy “Larger Than Some Countries”
Missing from Natural Selection Food Statement About Tainted Spinach: A Heart and an Apology
Why CEOs Shouldn’t Fear Social Media
PSFK Interview with B.L. Ochman
The Quote Whore – More Honest Than Many Publicists
Michael Dell’s “Brownie, You’re Doing a Helluva Job” Moment
Leaks About Dell Battery Recall Forced Uncoordinated Anouncements
Another Dumbass Big Company Move: Cingular Wants to Yank Docs From Consumerist
Dell’s Stock Plummets: Customer Service Cited. Where’s Michael Dell?
Dell One2One Blog Shares Name With Porn Site.
Review: eMarketer $695 2006 Business of Blogging Report
Do We Have to Cut Dell and Ford Some Slack? Frankly, No
Ford Bold Moves Not So Bold
12 Reasons Why UK Companies Don’t Blog
Technorati Providing Featured Posts and Conversations for Al Gore’s MySpace Movie Blog
SRF Global Translations’ Gives the Global Business Blogging Community a Little Gift
SRF Global Translations Special: $98 Blog Post and Response Translation
Companies Need to Monitor Foreign Language Blogs — Or Else
My New Blog, Ethics Crisis, Launches Today
PR Newswire Offering Podcasts Beginning May 12. Will MSM Be Listening?
Why Are Companies Hiding Their Blogs?
Forrester Launches Marketing Blog, But Hides It
New York Times “Bought the Long Tail”
GM’s New FYI Blog Promises Not to Shy Away From Controversy
L2: No Pro-Chevy Tahoe Ad Went Viral
Anatomy of a Rumor Shows Why They Call Blogs NEW Media
It’s a Banner Day for Bogus Press Releases and Studies of the Obvious
Can Bloggers Make Money? You Bet! But the Wall St. Journal Still Doesn’t Get It
Top Bloggers Essential Research Tools, Part 4
Starwood Hotels Launches “The Lobby” Blog
How to keep blogs from scaring the hell out of people
PRSA Issue Pork-Barrel Press Release and Letter to FCC
Publicist Asks Rubel to Take Down Post. He Says No (Of Course)
Marketers Are Not Having Enough Fun
Chevy Gets the Picture Not!
What’s Next Blog: Reality Marketing and Chocolate
Top 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog
What’s Next Blog: Reality Marketing
MarketingProfs:Daily Fix Blog Kicks Off Tomorrow
Amanda Chapel: Fishing for Comments
Google Launches Google Finance. Look Out Hoovers!
Joga Bonito, a Web 2.0 Social Networking Community from Google and Nike
Six Apart Gets Tons of Money But For Now, We Have Hacks
Edelman Trust Report Finds Peer to Peer Profound
Cymfony, Porter Novelli Conducting Corporate Blog Practices Survey
Blog Post to Press Release = Search Juice, But Bad News for Small Businesses
PR Agency Websites Rated Among the Worst in the World
Wal-Mart: Desperately seeking ethics
Beware the Stealth Interview
What’s Next: The Design Train Manifesto, part 2
BzzAgent’s Blah Blog About Spending $13.8 Million in VC Cash
Fast Company Features WalMart Blog: No, It’s Not by WalMart
NY Times: Edelman in Sleazy Relationship with Right Wing Bloggers
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
Search Engine Strategies New York 2006 Tsotchkes Lackluster — Like Most Exhibitors
Fortune’s Dos and Don’ts for Corporate Blogs:What’s Next
What’s Next: The Design Train Manifesto
What’s Next: Include Your Brand Name in Every Post for RSS Feeds, Says MarketingSherpa
What’s Next: Ask Jeeves Butler Sent to Web 1.0 Pasture
Six Apart Gets $12 Million From VCs to Do What Delphi Forums Has Already Quietly and Successfully Done
Enough With Pontificating Bloggers! Here Comes the Next Wave of Blogs
I’m Interviewed About Blog Marketing in On the Record Podcast
Search Engine Watch: How to Pitch Bloggers for Better SEO
Sun-Sentinal: Blogs Are Big Business
Slate: Blogs Are Dead. Nah!
Uber Blogger Steve Rubel Joins Edelman PR as Sr VP
Harold Burson Starts Unbloggy Blog
Who Says Blogs Don’t Make Money?
State of the Blogosphere: Stronger Than Ever
Two Terrible New Ways to Use Press Releases
Bad Planning Lames Groundhog 202 Campaign
Gnomedex Announcement Confuses April 1 and Feb. 1
Tello Luxuriating in Media Coverage, Mostly From Blogs
Exclusive: Forbes Blog Story Screws Up Quotes, Big-Time
Eunuch Chinese Version of Google: “Do No Evil” Forgotten
Rules for Flaks Who Pitch What’s Next Blog
Forbes Article Reverses Its Blog Bashing Stance, Sort Of
Feed2Podcast Makes Your RSS Feed a Podcast
Water Secrets Blog: Haliburton Gave US Soldiers in Iraq Contaminated Water
Blogonomics Cruise Teaches Blog Strategy at Sea
Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery, I Guess
An Obnoxious New Twist on Spam from Veretekk
Edelman/Technorati Blogger Survey: Same Old, Same Old About New Media
PRSA Charging $100 for Workshop on How to Win Silver Anvil Award
Diamond Pet Food Contamination Kills 76 Pets, and Company Inaction Makes Matters Worse!
NY Times and WSJ Finally Cover Microsoft Shutdown of Chinese Blogger
When, Oh When, Will Someone Do a Blog Search Engine Right?
Survey: Only 2% of Execs Write Their Own Blogs. That’s Simply Dishonest!
Scoble Challenges Microsoft Again on Chinese Blogger Censorship
NY Times and Wall St Journal Articles Bemoan the Death of Message Control
Credit Card Company Holiday Offers Come With Loan Shark Interest Rates
Onion Spoof on Word of Mouth Marketing Hits the Sore Spot
Seth Godin Tells e-Consultancy His Top 5 2006 Predictions
Online Journalism Review: Blog Networks Helping Blog Advertising
Wayne Pollard: Flacks Need Journalism Experience
Blogging With a Wooden Tongue
Steve Rubel Issues an Erudite Call to Blogging for Big PR Agencies Only
NY Times Writer Astounded That Blogs Work for Corporate Marketing
Info World: Bloggers Break Sony
IPAQ 2755 and Verizon – A Customer Dis-Service Story
Ad Tech NY: Blogvertising Opportunities
Ad Tech NY: Create a Word of Mouth Campaign in Five Easy Steps
Bugmenot’s Not Dead
Up Your Budget Declares Re-Match in San Diego
Forbes Story Bashes Bloggers As Lynch Mobs
Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt Has Potential Winner
IBM Employee Resigns In Midst of Freedom of Speech Brou Ha Ha
Webster University PR Institute Live Blogs My “In a Fog About Blogs?” Seminar
Trend Forecast: Blogs Replacing Websites
Ketchum Lame Second Blog Even Worse Than Its First
Google, Continuing Plan for World Domination, Brings RSS to the Masses
Blog Publishing Hits the VERY Big Time With Denton/VNU Deal
IBM On Demand Site: Blogging Means Business”
Lawyer: Corporate Blogging Policies Can Prevent Lawsuits
GM Vice-Chariman Bob Lutz Podcasts About SUVs and His Passion for Blogging
The Nuremberg Defense Is Invoked by Publicist
Scoble Coaches Microsoft IT Staff on Blogging
Online Marketers Still Can’t Get No Respect, But They’re Making Tons of Money
Tracking the Conversation Seed About the Impending Sale of Technorati
How to Pitch Bloggers. Hint: Bacon’s Has No Clue
Sun on Blogging: Don’t Worry About it So Much
How IBM and Sun’s Corporate Blogging Policies Compare
Got the I’ve Been Misquoted in Business Week Blues
CNET: Yahoo to Launch Blog Ad Network to Compete With Google
Jupiter CEO Blogs About Sale of Search Engine Strategies and ClickZ
Robert Scoble Is Going to Have to Eat His Hat
PRSA Defends Ghost Writing for Clients
iFulfill Owner Uses Blog to Chronicle Every Entrepreneur’s Nightmare, the Company’s Demise
Pheedo: RSS Getting More Mainstream
One More for a Hat Trick
iFulfill.com Closes Shop Unexpectedly
Exclusive: IBM OnDemand Does Soft Launch of New Todd Watson Blog
IBM Blog Enablement Day Launches Blog Initiative
Russell Beattie Writes a Moronic Headline
American Airlines Contest PR Problem: Winning Sucks
Report: Search Results Hurt Companies — Blogs Help Them Fight Back
EDS Launches Fellows Blog: PR People, Read Their Pitch!
IBM “Blogvangelist” Sher Taton Launches New Blog
MarketingVox Publisher Adds Third Vertical Blog, MediaBuyerPlanner
Laredo Group Signs What’s Next Blog, What’s Next Newsletter for Ad Sales
Sun’s Schwartz: Leaders Can’t Survive Without Blogs
Ketchum PR Starts Ketchum Ideas Blog and Boy Is It Lame!
Robert Scoble’s Way Cool Surrender on China
Scoble Embroiled in PR Firestorm Over China Statements
Seth Godin, The Stones and a Lie from Commerce Bank
Secunia Assessment of Adobe Security Flaw Violates “Do Not Talk Shit” Tenet
BusinessWeek Brings Mass Collaboration to the Masses in Cover Story
No PR Spin Can Save UPS on This One
Wal-Mart Fires Agency Responsible for Nazi Image Ad and PR Manager Resigns
Gallup Offers RSS Feeds Requiring Subscription for Full Content
Larry Larsen: Will Apple Sue CNET or Do They Only Go After Bloggers?
Hello Microsoft! Why is Word Spell Checker Illiterate?
What’s Next Blog’s Interviews with Successful Bloggers. Seth Godin: Don’t Take Blogging Too Seriously
Exclusive: IF Subscription Blog Launches in Preview
About.com Expanding Its Business Model
FCC Commissioner Recommends Policing of Fake News and Product Placement
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Alice Marshall on How to Use a Blog to Get Clients
IBM Encourages Its 320,000 Employees to Blog; Issues Guidelines
Wal-mart Ad Agency Makes Nazi Ad Situation Worse
Review: eMarketer’s $695, 15-Page, “Blogging for Business” Report
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
Wow! A Marathon Blog Education Week
Irrational Blogguberance? You Bet! Blogs Are NOT The Answer to Every Marketing Question
Will Business Week Blog Turn to Paid Sub?
Is Blogspotting Being Met With a Big Yawn From BusinessWeek Subscribers?
Web Digest for Marketers Predicts Top 10 Trends for Next 10 Years
Exclusive: Marketing Vox Publisher Expands Empire with Defense Industry Daily Blog
Spam Email Follows Intelliseek/Edelman Blogging Report Download
Graeme Thickins, A Publicist Whining About Blogging
BusinessWeek Cover Story Lauds Blogs, Launches BusinessWeek Blog
VNR Giant MediaLink’s Stock Rising Despite Wall St Journal Article
Wall St. Journal: How Companies Pay TV Experts For On-Air Product Mentions
Tracking How Long It Takes the New York Times to Pick Up Stories From the Blogosphere
Investor’s Business Daily: Blogs Increasingly in Corporate Arsenals
Perseus: 53.4 Million Scripted Blogs by Year’s End
Barnako: Blogging, Podcasting and RSS are Bottom Line Tools
Crowther “Fix” Sure to Lead to Legal Trouble
Don Crowther Update: It’s Cluelessness, Not Lawlessness
Global PR Blog Week 2.0 Planned
IAOC Blog Runs Week-Long RSS Seminar for Marketers
My Response to Flap About My Search Engine Report
Wall St. Journal: Companies Have a Radical Idea. Let’s Talk to Customers
PR Firms and TV Stations Should Share the Blame in Bush Administration’s Video News Release Propaganda
Red Couch Chapter 2 Draft: Blogging Has Softened Public Opinion of Microsoft
Technorati and PubSub Disagree on the Number of Blogs Online
Attorney: Corporate Bloggers Have to Face Employment Consequences
What Counts Launches BlogUnit Content Management Appliance
Search Engine Strategies New York Earns $3 Million
Wall Street Journal Extols Virtues of Business Blogging
Search Engine Strategies Conference Tsotchke Report – Slim Pickings
Nooked Launches Beta of Corporate RSS Feed Directory
Rent-A-Kvetch on Canadian TV News’ Marketplace on Sunday Night
NY Times Pays Fire Sale Price for About.com’s 500-Blog Network
Peggy Noonan: Old Media Envy Freedom of Bloggers
Eyetools Eye Movement Measurement Can Increase Sales Exponentially: New Study, Blog and a Free Teleconference,
Lo and Behold: Dell Showed Up! Here’s a Guide to Effective Complaining
Dell Tech Support Sucks
Not Answering Email for Three Days is Simply Bad Business
Wall St. Journal Explains Tagging the Internet
Nooked to Switch to Rss Feeds and Blog to Communicate with Bloggers
I’ve Pissed Off Some Publicists
Live Blogs From Blog Business Summit
Google Reportedly “Disappears” Blog By Critical Employee
How to Write Killer Blog Posts and More Compelling Comments
Search Engine Guru Danny Sullivan Takes Super-Marketer Seth Godin to Task on SEO
Email Still Works if Subject Line is Compelling
Internet Has Big Impact on Words of the Year
Come to Dinner on January 21, 2005
Gillmor: Bloggers Have Every Right to Free Speech
How Robert Scoble Compares to the Top PR Firms
Are GM’s Small Block and FastLane Blogs More Than a PR Gimmick? Stay Tuned
Calcanis Pens Open Letter to Jobs Over Apple Suit Against Journalists
E-Commerce Times: Open Source Drupal.Org Could Be Fierce Competitor for Six Apart Blogging Platform
A Challenge to Bacon’s MediaSource: Engage Bloggers in Blog Monitoring Plans
Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative Needs Your Bandwidth
Survey: PR Professionals Slow to Adapt to Changes in Media
BusinessWire to Drop $120 Membership Fee and Lower Rates on News Distribution
Newsweek Salutes The Alpha Bloggers
Ragan Report Rant Rips Bloggers
BzzAgent Is NY Times Sunday Magazine Cover Story
Companies Mine Blogs for Market Research
A Reporter’s Dizzying Visit to the Blogosphere
Bloggers Are Talking About You; Link to Them
Edleman Reports Old Trends in Trend Report, Steals Name From Trendwatching.com
Bob Bly Would Like Some Marketing Blog ROI Info
Barnako Wakes Up About Blogging, Bly Still in the Dark
Ad Age: Blogs Let Consumers Manipulate Marketers
DM News Article is All Wet on Blogging
PRSA 2004 Conference: Tsotchke Report
Bloggers Convince PRSA to Add Blogging Workshop to PRSA 2004 Conference
PRSA Conference Ignores Blogging
Gorgeous Example of PR Speak
European CEOs Taking to Blogging
Self-Appointed Firefox Mozilla Evangelists Promote Browser
Advertising Week Panelist Explains Marketing’s Expendability
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
Blogs Are Great, But What’s It All Mean?
Gillmor: Google IPO a Success Despite Second Guessers
When is a Blog Not a Blog?
List of Corporate CEOs Who Blog
Shameless Self Promotion
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
Fatal Vision Website Abounds With Missed Marketing Opportunities; Cries Out for a Blog
Criagslist Will Surpass One Billion Pageviews This Month
More Than 200 Major Business Leaders Announce Their Endorsement of Kerry
Blogs Still Mystify: 10 Companies That Missed Blog Opportunities
Dreadful Press Release of the Week: Mr. Big Floats
Gawker Gets Down to It at the Dem Convention
9/11 Commission Hires Edelman PR for Media Campaign
I’m Featured in PR Week Interview on Global PR Blog Week
Martha Stewart Is Still a Class Act
Holmes Report Articles Misses Really Big Picture on Internet and Blogging
Kellogg Serves Mercury Powered Spiderman Toy in Kids’ Cereal
President Bush Sends My Dog A Victory 2004 Membership Card
Bill Gates Said to Be Planning a Blog
New York Mag Cover Just a Cheap Shot
Danier Leather Refuses To Name Musician in Upcoming Commercial
Tom Peters Turns His Site Into A Blog – Sort Of
TIME’s “Meet Joe Blog” Is Best Article About Blogging Yet!
The Folly of the Blog-Only News Diet
Global PR Blog Week Set
Can Bloggers Say Anything They Want? Yup.
Disgruntled Former Employees May Use the Internet for Revenge
The Media Bloggers Respect
Is Bill Gates Looking to Take Over the Blogosphere?
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
PETACampaign Against Cruelty to Chickens is Cruel to Children
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