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Dear PR People: It’s time, sigh, for another “how to pitch bloggers post.”
The following is an excerpt from a sample of Bacon’s briefing book information about bloggers. Somehow, this copy makes me feel like I am reading a guide to blog wildlife. I’m surprised they didn’t describe our feeding habits.
Bacon’s advised: “PR professionals should monitor blogs on a daily or weekly basis because it may provide insight into areas of interest for particular journalists and/or help manage messaging when necessary.” (Huh?)
“Do not send press releases to bloggers…Press releases have a prupose, but they should not be viewed as means to building a relationship with journalists. … Email is the best way to send information, as bloggers use the internet and computer technology to create their blogs.” (Yup. We do.)
I read press releases. Hell, I even write one occasionally. I don’t object to getting them.
Bad PR Behavior:
– sending press releases on topics I do not cover
– badly written press releases
– stupidly written press releases
– press releases that are more than 350 words long
– sending attachments of any kind in email
– “Dear Blogger” pitches. Get my goddamn name right.
– being told what I “will definitely want to cover”
– don’t be hostile if the answer is no. You may have another pitch some day that will be right for me.
– don’t be clueless
Good PR Behavior:
– READ the blog so you know what the blogger covers
– pitch the blogger by name (“Dear Blogger” doesn’t cut it and makes you look like a jerk)
– include links to more info and photos
– think of our reader and why they are reading the blog. Would they really be interested in what you’re pitching?
– don’t use corporate speak, jargon or BS language
– include your contact information, with a phone number
– don’t make a “didya get it call” – ever
– don’t count on Bacon’s list of bloggers or the info in it. They cover only a tiny percentage of bloggers and they apparently have no clue how to pitch us.
Pitching bloggers is no different than pitching any other journalist. Only instead of ignoring you, bloggers like to point out bad PR pitches by running them in our blogs. It’s just part of our crusade against baloney.
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