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Public Relations Archives

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Dear PR People: Please take this quiz before you send out another press release or email pitch
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PRSA Issue Pork-Barrel Press Release and Letter to FCC
Marketers Are Not Having Enough Fun
Edelman Trust Report Finds Peer to Peer Profound
Blog Post to Press Release = Search Juice, But Bad News for Small Businesses
Free PR Web Service Not So Free
PR Agency Websites Rated Among the Worst in the World
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Wal-Mart Fires Agency Responsible for Nazi Image Ad and PR Manager Resigns
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Target’s PR Firm in Deep Doo-Doo — Again
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CBC Fires Publicists But Will Hire Outside PR Firms
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Nooked to Switch to Rss Feeds and Blog to Communicate with Bloggers
I’ve Pissed Off Some Publicists
Publicist Uses Email to Announce Nooked RSS Feed Service, Duh.
Lizzie Grubman Tapped to Handle Hot 97 Tsunami Song Flap
Jay Rosen, PR Bloggers and the Williams Flap. Yawn.
Email Still Works if Subject Line is Compelling
A Loo-ney and Brilliant PR Move by Javits Convention Center
A PR Disaster: IE Security Flaws vs Firefox Evalgelism
How Robert Scoble Compares to the Top PR Firms
Are GM’s Small Block and FastLane Blogs More Than a PR Gimmick? Stay Tuned
Honda Announces New ASIMO Robot in Bullshit-Free Press Release
Survey: PR Professionals Slow to Adapt to Changes in Media
BusinessWire to Drop $120 Membership Fee and Lower Rates on News Distribution
Ragan Report Rant Rips Bloggers
Edleman Reports Old Trends in Trend Report, Steals Name From Trendwatching.com
Bob Bly Would Like Some Marketing Blog ROI Info
Madison Avenue Ponders the Potential of Web Logs. Will Suits Take Over Blogging?
PRSA 2004 Conference: Tsotchke Report
Google and Yahoo! Results Show Power of Blogs
Bloggers Convince PRSA to Add Blogging Workshop to PRSA 2004 Conference
Steve Rubel Forgets What Mother Said
PRSA Conference Flap Update — I Certainly Have Their Attention :>)
PRSA Conference Ignores Blogging
Vapid Quote in Subaru Release Picked Up By Lazy Journos
Gawker Blows It On Style Segment
Gorgeous Example of PR Speak
US Govt Details “Remains Handling” Procedures for Iraq War PR Agency
Attention Agents: Jeremy’s the Zelig of the Diaper Set
U.S. Government Seeking PR Firm to Represent Iraq War
Eclipse Solar Gear: Great Products, A Press Release From Hell
Martha Stewart, in Consummate PR Move, Asks to Go to Jail Now
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
Nike Makes Tennis Boot Sneakers for Serena Williams
When is a Blog Not a Blog?
List of Corporate CEOs Who Blog
uClean Unrolls ‘Toilet Paper for Life Sweepstakes’
Publicist Lizzie Grubman Gets Reality TV Show
Clueless PR Pitch of the Week
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
PR Industry Still Largely Clueless on Internet Marketing
Blogs Still Mystify: 10 Companies That Missed Blog Opportunities
PR Coup As Michael Moore Sings “America The Beautiful” On Tonight Show
Dreadful Press Release of the Week: Mr. Big Floats
US Army Offers Free Boob Jobs to Soldiers
9/11 Commission Hires Edelman PR for Media Campaign
America at 10 MPH Tour and Blog Set
I’m Featured in PR Week Interview on Global PR Blog Week
Martha Stewart Is Still a Class Act
Blogging Finally Makes It Into PR Conference Program
Journalists Like PR People and I’ll Still Respect You in The Morning
Holmes Report Articles Misses Really Big Picture on Internet and Blogging
Dreadful Press Release of the Week
Sam’s in the Daily News Today, But The Quote’s Left Out
Worldwide Exclusive! President Bush Helps Make Sam Famous!
Nearly 300 Clinton Books Selling on eBay
Tiva Makes Sandals For Sore-Footed Elephant
Global PR Blog Week Set
Ford Museum’s Gag Me With a Spoon Press Release Headline of the Month
Can Bloggers Say Anything They Want? Yup.
Disgruntled Former Employees May Use the Internet for Revenge
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
PETACampaign Against Cruelty to Chickens is Cruel to Children
Parker Meridien’s $1000 Frittata a Cool Stunt
PR Interruptus: Campaigns End Prematurely
Hey Spiderman Marketers! Give Your Money to New York’s Kids, The Yankees Don’t Need It!
Metro, NYC’s Second Free Daily, Launches With Classic PR Stunts
Survey Proving BMW Owners Have Lots of Sex Gets Lots of Press
PR Takes the Rap. Again
Queen Elizabeth Provides Brilliant PR for Skewbald Horses
PR People Still Bitching About Blogging
Survey: Consumer Ad Resistance Reaches All-Time High — PR Budgets Hurt
Company Says Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn Rule is Bull
Ford: Cat Killed in Ad Agency’s Bowels. Yeah, Right!
Burger King’s Funky Chicken Is Cool But the Press Release Lays an Egg
Airhead’s Airhead Publicist Goes (Very) Public
PETA’S Multi-Media Cow Pope
Buttless Jeans: Patent Pending
911 Panel Testimony Nothing But Another Con(di) Deal By Bush
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step For Giant Shrimp. Oy!
Study Proves The Obvious: Bloggers Plagarize. But the Problem is a Lot Bigger Than That
What Happened to Tithing Mr. Gibson?
Cosby’s Hell-O Brings Martha Jell-O and Makes a Great product Placement
Matt Drudge Needs to Get His Nose Out of Democrats’ Pants
Totally Clueless PR Pitch of the Month
Website Offers $2500 Prize for Name of New Restaurant
Clueless Star Flackers Tell Ad Age Jackson Boob Stunt Was Great
Pomegranate Juice Gets Prime Wall St. Journal PR Placement
Flash! Not Everyone at CBS is Unconscious: Kudos to CBS News
Yecch! Lizzie Grubman to Star in MTV PR Show
Confounded Bullshit Station Still Refuses to Run MoveOn Commercial
CBS Press Release Defends Its Political Censorship of MoveOn Ad
MoveOn Mounts CBS Protest Campaign — Please Join
Ghostly Woman Demonstrates $5000 Toilet Online
Journal Chastizes Adecco’s Bad News Bungle
Connecting To Customers With WiFi
Microsoft Bullies Teenager’s Site Down
What Would We Do Without Professors?
How to Become a Corporate Comedian
In PR Faux Pas, Symantec Shifts Blame, Pisses Off Customers
You Can’t Underestimate Stupidity
A sure bet for one of 2004’s stupidest press releases. Yes I know it’s only January
What’s After Mad Cow? Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?
Which Food Safety Issues Cause Permanent PR Damage?
Think mad cow disease is scary? Wait til you hear PR experts’ advice to the beef industry
Naked People Tip Pizza Guys More and Other Slow News Day Surveys
Mattel PR Score in Lawsuit Against Artist: Zero
Dean to Internet As FDR to Radio, JFK to TV
How to Get Your Products Featured in the Mainstream
DaimlerChrylser Xmas Stunt Makes the NY Times and Misses Multi-Media Opportunity
Kia Motors Mounts One of Top Three Dumbest PR Campaigns of the Year
Secret Memo Pushed Limbaugh PR Blitz
The Ugly Side of Viral Marketing
Weekend Update Appearance Was Smart PR for Paris Hilton
Bacon’s Acquires Media Map: Start of a Shake Up?