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Type PRSA 2004 Conference into Google. Three of the top 10 results (of the 10,500 that came up) refer to What’s Next Blog’s challenge to PRSA to add the blogging workshop it agreed to on Friday. Within the next couple of days, my posts may very well reach the top three on the subject. Yahoo! also brings up my posts in the top 10.
Why do search engines index blog posts so quickly? Content on blogs changes frequently, while most websites rarely, if ever, add or change content. My posts are optimized for natural search because of the number of times key words are repeated, links within the posts, use of bold, etc., as well as the number of blogs, worldwide, that link back to this one.
Before blogs, over time, sites like achieved high placement because of many links into and out of those sites. Blogs sometimes get high placement in a matter of hours.
Search engine [;acement os yet another reason companies should be paying attention to blogs. The ones who don’t, may find bloggers biting them on the ass.