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taxi.jpgIn a brilliant PR move, Javits Center announced that New York taxi drivers who go to the convention hall, all the way on the west side of Manhattan, will get not only passengers but also prizes. And they’ll even get to use the loo.
The first Taxi Appreciation Days are set for Jan. 17 and 18th during the National Retail Federation conference. Cabbies who drop off passengers from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. can enter a contest for a cash prize of $250. And they can take a leak.
“If you have to go, there are not many places that will let you relieve yourself,” cabbie Ferles St. Pierre told the NY Daily News.
Especially with plans for the Center’s expansion, the current lack of cabs is a big problem.
Now New York City transit needs to run the 34th Street crosstown bus more often, particularly when conventions and trade shows are going on at Javits. I’ve waited 45 minutes in the rain for a bus when no cabs were available. Sure doesn’t make you want to run to a Javits show.