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There are so many contenders for dumbest PR campaign of the year, but Kia Motors’ has to be in the top three of anyone’s list.
As part of the Forever Young with Kia Amanti Tour, the automaker sent a baby boomer couple across the US to collect signatures on a petition that says baby boomers don’t want to be thought of as old. (Really.)
The old couple (um, excuse me, the baby boomer couple) ended their journey by presenting more than 12,000 petition signatures to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary in Boston, asking that baby boomers not be defined by the years they were born.

“Our recent survey shows us that boomers don’t want to be defined by their age, rather by a state of mind,” says Kia Motors America President and CEO, Peter M. Butterfield. “We designed our new Kia Amanti for this group who want a car that offers style, safety and comfort and appreciates getting a lot of value for their money. Baby boomers are active at an age where they want to reward themselves and will always be young at heart.”
Yes, I bet he said that. It’s such a natural sounding quote.