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potty_musical.gifTarget PR reps refused to return Lloyd Grove of Lowdown’s calls or detailed emails about faux toilet fixtures that ran over on the floor when hapless guests didn’t realize the toidies at a Target press event weren’t hooked up to actual plumbing. Goodness! What’s up with Target’s PR operation?
“We have had people use this nonfunctional bathroom all night, which does not even have any plumbing,” lamented Samuel Coplan, who helped install the display in the pre-fab rooms set up to showcase Target’s home furnishings. “Some poor [people] will just clean it up in the morning.”
“Talk about being off-Target!” says Grove. Target apparently neglected to alert guests that the rest rooms were only for show.
Target’s PR firm also was caught sleeping over thanksgiving weekend when bloggers realized that you could type “marijuana” and “crack” into the product search on the company’s web site and get to ads for both. If the staff had been following what was said about the company in the blogosphere by reading pubsub or technorati, they’d have known and would have been able to respond immediately and de-fuel the fun.