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I'm an AI-literate multi-media content creator, live-stream event and podcast producer, journalist, ghost writer, social strategist and producer of socially shareable videos.

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Events Archives

A Chronology of United Airlines Epic PR #FAIL (Updated)
Photo Realist Painter Ester Curini’s Third Solo Show Opens March 2 at Bernaducci Meisel Gallery, NYC
Thousands knit Cat Ear Pussy Hats for Women’s March on Washington
The Video Marketing Revolution
Jack Dorsey’s CEO Duet; Twitter Moments; YouNow Takes Off
#AskTrump Twitter Debacle, Lady GaGa’s Viral Video; #PigGate
Arrested for making clock, 14 year-old becomes overnight geek celebrity
Should your brand be on Blab.im?
Force Friday, Blab.im’s Spectacular Rise: Beyond Social Media Show 110
Celebrities Take #TwizzlerChallenge for Autism Awareness
#AskSeaWorld Sinks, TedCruz NOT Com
It’s International Day of Happiness
HRH Prince of Wales’ Hangout, Anti-Gun Humor, Hotel Privacy Shocker
How NASA & NY Times Use Google+ Hangouts in Digital Strategy
How to see today’s G+ Hangout with NASA & The NY Times
Join a live Google+ Hangout with NASA & The NY Times – Wed, Oct 22, 3-4 p.m. ET
Kevin Richardson Plays Football With Lions, Facebook Bans LikeGating
Join our first-ever Google+ Hangout Training Office Hour (gratis)
Curious about Hangouts? Join one – gratis – during our Hangout Office Hour event on Friday, Sept 12
[VIDEO] Ferguson Protests, Cyber Attacks & an Aroused Horse
30% NY Social Media Week Discount for What’s Next Blog readers
Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
Beyond Social Media Show # 26 – Twerking Turkeys, Epic Splits, YouTube Shutdown
Join us Tues, Oct 1 at 2 PM EST for 1/2 hour live Google+ Hangout on Air with The Beyond Social Media Show
Learn how to set up your Google+ profile for maximum impact in a no-charge 15-minute demo Sept 4 at 12:30 PM EST
While brands & gurus whine, White House holds Google+ Geek Week Hangout
Why Google Plus rocks – and why we’ve switched Beyond Social Media Show from BlogTalk Radio to Google+ Hangouts on Air
Join My Webinar: “Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely” – May 9, 4 PM EDT
Beyond Social Media Podcast, May 7 – Pissed Consumers, Gov Christie goes splat, Tide raises spirits
Which startups will be hot in 2013? Check out Ultralight Startups Investor Feedback Forum
Google’s tribute to Trekkies
Mentos “make a baby tonight” anthem: another weird campaign from BBH
McDonald’s, NYPD Punked by YES Men “Three Strikes, You’re In” Spoof Campaign
Social Media Gurus in 2062
Ethics Crisis Blog is baaack! Confess your ethical transgressions *anonymously* (really) and we’ll vote on how bad you are
Opera Company of Philadelphia “Flash Brindisi” Demonstrates Rule One of Viral Video – Be Delightful
Facebook-Inspired NJ Student Protest Provides a Lesson in the Power of Social Media and the Politics of Now
SNL iPhone Joke Takes Pot Shot at AT&T Network Woes
Philoctetes Center Roundtable: The Future of Technology
Don’t Give Up on Second Life, Eric Reuters Tells NY Social Media Breakfast
Halloween: Where the Internet Can’t Compete With Real Life
Bowls of Grief – and Hope – in Soho Exhibit
Will Live Earth Really Change Anything?
Live Earth Promoted With Twitter Community
Sleeping With the (Very Big) Fishes Tonight
Hugh Macleod Geek Dinner
NYC Geek Dinner With Hugh Macleod Tonight
Geek Dinner With Hugh Macleod Tomorrow Night in NYC
NYC Geek Dinner With Hugh Macleod This Saturday Night!
The First Blog Post? Dec. 1941
HarperCollins Collaborative Contest a Landmark Social Media Event
A Dog’s Life, On Trial vs. Leash Loonies
Temperature in Second Life: Hot, Hot Hot
I’m Hosting an NYC Stormhoek Dinner for Non-Drinkers
Scores of Celebrities Join Troops Home Fast Hunger Strike to End Iraq War
Orchid Show, Rockefeller Center
Cheney’s Aim With Baseball No Better Than With Shotgun
Search Engine Strategies New York 2006 Tsotchkes Lackluster — Like Most Exhibitors
Search Engine Strategies New York Conference Report Tomorrow
Search Engine Watch: How to Pitch Bloggers for Better SEO
No URLs in Many Super Bowl Ads! Doh
Whaddya Want?
Journalist Blogs His Pitch-to-Paycheck Process for New Media Age Feature On Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt
Jagger Holds the Power at Super Bowl Half-Time. Don’t Let Us Down Mick!
Blogonomics Cruise Teaches Blog Strategy at Sea
Fayard Nicholas Fund Raiser Brings Out Tap Dance Royalty
Free Passes to Small Business Tech Summit for 10 What’s Next Readers
An Incomplete Guide to CES Blog Coverage
Ad Tech: 30 Ideas in 60 Minutes
Ad Tech New York Tsotchke Report – Blah
Ad Tech NY: Blogvertising Opportunities
Ad Tech NY: Create a Word of Mouth Campaign in Five Easy Steps
Ad Tech: Do-It-Yourself Advertising is Busy Selling Products
Ad Tech Blog: Like Being There, But Quieter
Blogging Live From Ad Tech and Upping Your Budget This Week
Tillie, World’s Pre-eminent Dog Artist, Needs a Blog!
Webster University PR Institute Live Blogs My “In a Fog About Blogs?” Seminar
Steve Rubel and I Will Speak at PRSA Mega-Tech Day New York on Sept. 29th
I’ll Be Doing the Shim Sham Shimmy on Lexington Avenue on Sunday
Blogger Dinner Tonight at Two Boots Pizza, Grand Central Station
Blogging Live From Conferences Today: I Hope
I’m Speaking About Blogging at Two Conferences on Tues. Sept 13 in NYC
Come to The New York Geek, Blogger and Blog Groupie Dinner
Live Katrina Blog and Craigslist Info Page for Survivors
BlogOn Conference Marketing Director Rationalizes Porter Novelli Press Pass Refusal
Photographer, Author, Blogger Dick Waterman Makes It to the BIG-Time
Come to a New York Geek, Blogger and Blog Groupie Dinner
Woof! Mets Host Dog Night at Shea Stadium
Igniting Buzz Conference Sept.13 in New York City
War of the Worlds Publicity Stunt?
Story Slam Tonight at The Moth
Seth Godin, The Stones and a Lie from Commerce Bank
Dancing Robot Helps Promote Japanese Robot Conference at World Expo. Why No Blog?
Come to a Media Bloggers Geek Dinner in New York City on June 16th
I’m Doing a Free TeleSeminar on Business Blogging Tonight
Wow! Frankie Manning’s 91st Birthday Party Was a Swinging Time
Happy 91st Birthday to the Great Frankie Manning, The King of Swing
Target’s PR Firm in Deep Doo-Doo — Again
Nestle “Cows Are Coming” PR is So Lame
The Best Quote from Blog Nashville
Wow! A Marathon Blog Education Week
Pizza for Fifty Bloggers at Geek Dinner
More Than 300 to Attend Media Bloggers Assoc.’s BlogNashville
Cookie Monster Becomes Veggie Monster
Online Seminar by Dr Jill Elliot on Emergency Homeopathy for Pets
Urban Story Tellers, The Moth, Need a Blog
Global PR Blog Week 2.0 Planned
The Elephants Are Here! Circus Opens Tomorrow
Don’t Miss Gregory Colbert’s Ashes and Snow
Barnum & Bailey Elephants Walk Cross Town Tomorrow Night at Midnight
As Pale Male and Lola Await the Stork, He Provides Behavior Lessons for Human Males
So Long — Central Park Gates Come Down
Search Engine Strategies New York Earns $3 Million
Search Engine Strategies Conference Tsotchke Report – Slim Pickings
A Gates Reflection
Rent-A-Kvetch on Canadian TV News’ Marketplace on Sunday Night
My Gates Photo Gallery
Judy Vorfeld’s Digifeld Transforms My Photos of The Gates
Gates: People Love Them or Hate Them
Christo’s Gates Unfurled to Blow Like Lovely Cosmic Laundry in Central Park
Christo’s Gates Will Be Unfurled Beginning at 8:45 a.m. Saturday
CBC Kvetching Shoot Went Great
Rent-A-Kvetch Rides Again on CBC — Book Deal Needed
Central Park Gates and Morning Dancers
Pale Male Gathering Twigs in Central Park for New Nest
Live Blogs From Blog Business Summit
Come to Dinner on January 21, 2005
Howard Dean Announces Candidacy for DC Chairmanship. Will Traditional Media Give Him a Fair Shake?
CBS Releases Independent Study of Rathergate and Fires Four Top Execs
Tsunami Video Hosting Initiative Needs Your Bandwidth
Is Bush Kidding? $35 Million Is Not Enough for Tsunami Relief! Let’s Prove That America is Not Stingy!
The Real Marathon
Larry King Charms PRSA 2004 Conference Audience
PRSA 2004 Conference: Tsotchke Report
Bush Administration Brain Dead on Explosives Disappearance
Google and Yahoo! Results Show Power of Blogs
Bloggers Convince PRSA to Add Blogging Workshop to PRSA 2004 Conference
Steve Rubel Forgets What Mother Said
PRSA Conference Flap Update — I Certainly Have Their Attention :>)
My Challenge to PRSA 2004 Conference Planners Spreading Through the Blogosphere
Second Dog Shoots Man — Is It a Movement?
PRSA Conference Ignores Blogging
Chinese Falun Gong Followers Stage Harrowing Demonstration at NY City Hall
Christo Central Park “Gates” Project Needs A Blog
President Bush Loses Heart
Iraq Casualty’s Mom Arrested as Protester at Laura Bush Speech
Infidels Not Welcome at Six Flags Great Muslim Adventure Day
Let’s Play Name the World Leader
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
Sexually Frustrated Chinese Chimp Takes Up Smoking and Spitting
Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.) Resigns After Blogger Outs Him
New Yorkers Give Republican Convention a Bronx Cheer
More Than 200 Major Business Leaders Announce Their Endorsement of Kerry
PR Coup As Michael Moore Sings “America The Beautiful” On Tonight Show
Kerry in Space Suit: Big Fu*king Deal
Bloggers Bring Sea Change to Political Reporting
Blogger’s Convention Coverage Off to a Flying Start
Cuddle Parties Rule No. 7: No Dry Humping
I’m Featured in PR Week Interview on Global PR Blog Week
Blogging Finally Makes It Into PR Conference Program
15,000 MoveOn Volunteers Register 15,000 New Voters In Three Hours
15,000 Reporters Covering Democratic Convention
30,000 Attend MoveOn.Org House Parties to Hear Michael Moore Speak
Holy News Coup Batman! Blogger Scoops All Media With Early Iraq Handover Story
Fahrenheit 9/11: Great Content That Needs a Good Editor
Microsoft Co-Founder Funds First Private Space Trip — Because He Can
Reagan Was No JFK
Global PR Blog Week Set
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website
Is Bill Gates Looking to Take Over the Blogosphere?
Citizen Journalists Change Worldwide War Perception With Digital Cameras
Andy Borowitz: White House Response Shocker
Queen Elizabeth Provides Brilliant PR for Skewbald Horses
Loony Reality Show in Cetnral Park Tree
Is This a Great City or What?
Pious Morons Whip Easter Bunny at Children’s Easter Show
PETA’S Multi-Media Cow Pope
Daddy Bush Defends His Boy
Comedian Has Another Reason to Support Kerry
WMD Just a Big Joke to Bush
DaimlerChrylser Xmas Stunt Makes the NY Times and Misses Multi-Media Opportunity