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palemale_kill.gifAfter enduring being made homeless by their human neighbors and then invited back to super-deluxe digs in the same spot, Pale Male and Lola are awaiting the stork, according to the New York Times.
After weeks of raucous reproductive romps on numerous Fifth Avenue rooftops and balconies, the pair are exhibiting nesting behavior, naturalists say.
Pale Male’s website,says Lola’s turning the eggs every half hour or so.
All they need now is a blog.
Listen up human males. Pale Male has excellent lessons for you:
– He takes over the nest watching when she needs a break.
– He’s always enthusiastically available when Lola is in the mood for love.
– He doesn’t need Viagra.
– And he always bears gifts of food — pigeons or rats — when he approaches Lola for a tryst. Human suitors: skip the rats. Bring chocolate. And make sure it’s good chocolate.