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SammyBalls-OP.jpgCurious about homeopathy for pets? Dr. Jill Elliot, my vet and friend, is giving two Internet classes — April 14th and April 21st starting at 6 PM PST— on emergency homeopathy for pets. She’ll teach you what to do to treat a host of ills that need urgent care.
Six years ago, when Sammy was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure — for which conventional medicine can offer nothing — Dr Elliot began treating Sammy.

A dog can’t pretend to feel better. Either they are better or not.
Sammy’s kidneys have tested normal ever since. He gets a homepathic remedy about every 6-8 weeks. And conventional bloods tests a couple of times a year show that all is well. He’ll be 13 this summer.
Photo transformation, Judy Vorfeld