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ashes_and_snow.png.jpgMore than 200 six x nine foot photographs and a 35 mm film by artist Gregory Colbert are part of the mind-bogglingly beautiful exhibit, Ashes and Snow. The exhibit, on view at Pier 54 (13th St. and the West Side Highway) until June 6, illuminates Colbert’s study of the remarkable relationship between animals and humans.
We’re so jaded by photoshopped images, that you immediately think Colbert altered the images. But the film proves that the images are full-frame, unaltered images of people in moments of extraordinary contact with elephants, 55-ton sperm whales, cheetas and hyenas.
The NY Times ran a completely idiotic review by Roberta Smith and the Wall Street Journal ran one by Matthew Gurewitsch on March 15 that explains what the show is about.
Words don’t do it justice. Go see it!