If you want to launch a precedent-setting, results-focused marketing program that incorporates emerging media, builds your brand and turns visitors into buyers, contact B.L. Ochman today.

Our work is different, disruptive, ROI-focused, and centered on powerful ideas designed to create brand loyalty and consumer engagement.BL_WORD-CLOUD_Precis

We’re not a traditional agency in any sense. I’m a strategist and creative technologist who has made a successful career creating concepts that are far ahead of the pack and enacting them by bringing together the exact skillsets you need from among my international team of marketing, tech, and design wizards.

My team and I have got a long-term successful track record of creating potent marketing results for some of the biggest and most progressive companies in the world. We’ll help you tap into the truly remarkable sea change that’s taken place in communications in our connected world.

We’re the real deal
As we’ve done for brands including IBM, McGraw-Hill, American Greetings, Ford Motors, Simon & Schuster, Meijer, and Cendant, we’ll debunk marketing myths and show you how to find and engage your brand’s biggest fans. And we’ll show you how to work with brand evangelists to innovate, improve, and create new opportunities and offerings.

B.L. Ochman: “A consultant and social-media savant who actually knows what she’s talking about.” Adweek

What we can do for you

  • help you decide what are the most effective marketing tools you can employ right now and which ones are a waste of time and money. (You’ll be surprised at how many of the things you’ve always done can seriously hurt your chances for success.)
  • integrate research with innovation
  • explain and test the resources you’ll need to help your brand succeed in social media and help you find and train the right people (hint: they’ll have real-world experience)
  • maximize your return on investment, and help shape perceptions of your brand, as advisors, enactors, mother hens, hand holders, and cheerleaders
  • develop realistic goals and metrics for kick butt integrated marketing campaigns that incorporate emerging media where, when, and how it’ll work best for you
  • show you who’s influencing your brand via social media, and how and when interacting with influencers can help (or hurt) your brand
  • help you develop marketing that will generate great buzz and build your brand
  • create mind-bogglingly effective blog advertising campaigns with clickthru rates that put others to shame
  • provide the best tools for competitive intelligence and conversation tracking
  • do executive and company-wide training to bring you up to speed on how to integrate emerging media into your marketing – and why social media matters

We’re brand builders, change agents, and creative technologists
We’ve made a career of connecting and working with the most extraordinary graphic designers, wizard-level developers, SEO specialists, creative technologists, and cutting edge, strategic thinkers on the planet. We have zero technical skills, and would rather learn to slay dragons than develop them. However, as our clients can attest, we can put together a top-notch international team in a matter of hours to provide you with the best marketing strategy, execution and measurement you’ll find anywhere.

Consultation is available on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Minimums apply.

Portfolio Highlights

Lots of marketing “experts” have never sold anything in their lives. We’ve developed successful viral campaigns and results-focused social media strategies that help our clients make lots of money. And we can do the same for your business.

Our marketing clients include Budget Car Rental, McGraw-Hill, Stacks & Stacks, Transitions Lenses, Ford Motors, IBM, The American Dairy Association, Stew Leonard’s, and many others online and off.

Here are some highlights of the marketing strategies we’ve developed and executed for clients. And we can market your company with equal creativity, drive and success.

  • Facebook game for Transitions Lenses

Creator of “Sightings,” a branded Facebook social game I produced for Transitions Lenses. It launches in May.

  • Meijer Augmented Halloween
  • Despite $200,000 in traditional television advertising, 83% of traffic to this augmented reality micro-site came from the online advertising for which I created the media plan and ads. The online media budget? $12,000.

    Conceived, edited and launched and the 25-author blog-based online community Clutter Control Freak, for Stacks and Stacks a California-based top 300 Internet retailer of products for home and office organization. Launched in July 2007, the blog was voted one of the Top 10 Business Blogs. Today, the community-building blog drives one in 16 visits to this top 300 Internet retailer’s site.

    Budget came to us wanting to do “something viral online.” We launched the Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt, a 4-week, 16-city search for $160K in cash, as the first totally blog-based viral marketing campaign. It took off like a rocket.

    In four weeks, with a $500K budget, promoted exclusively through blogger outreach and blog advertising, we generated:
    • one million unique visits,
    • over 10 million page views,
    • more than 300 online and offline stories – for less than the cost of a 30-second national ad on network TV.

    Here’s some of what’s been said about The Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt:

    Steve Hall at Adrants: “Who needs mainstream media when you have the consumer-generated, conversational power of weblogs and social media? Already the thing is spreading like crazy. This is truly very cool.”

    Doc Searles: Making Marketing Fun

    Doc “Cluetrain” Searls wrote: “…kudos to the smart people at Budget (I’m sure there are plenty) for hiring these folks to make marketing fun.”

    Mark Collier at Beyond Madison Avenue calls The Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt the Campaign of the Year.

    Henry Copeland at Blogads blog writes:
    “The vision is perfect for the link-rich, attitude-packed, p2p, narrative mosh-pit that is the blogosphere. you’ll see an astonishing 10-fold improvement in the clickthrus between ad #1 and ad #4… going from 0.05% to 0.52%. Zeeowee!”

    Sheila Ann Manuel Collins, at About.com gives six reasons why Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt is a winning company blog idea: “1. It’s strong but subtle. 2. It gives readers reason to return 3. It’s not just about the company, it’s about people 4. It is sustainable. 5. It offers rewards 6. It is fun!”