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Dean.jpgHoward Dean said on his Website and via email to his supporters that he’s “announcing my candidacy for the Chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee.”
“Offering a new choice means making Democrats the party of reform — reforming America’s financial situation, reforming our electoral process, reforming health care, reforming education and putting morality back in our foreign policy. The Democratic Party will not win elections or build a lasting majority solely by changing its rhetoric, nor will we win by adopting the other side’s positions. We must say what we mean — and mean real change when we say it.”
According to Wikipedia, The Democratic National Committee will meet February 10-12, 2005 to elect a new DNC Chair as well as new officers. The 447 members of the DNC will cast their votes for Party Chair on the 12th. Current DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe has said that he will not seek a second term.
It does remains to be seen whether Dean’s announcement will get a fair shake from dead tree media.
After all, his enthusiastic whoooop during the Presidential election was reported with such great disdain that you’d have thought he announced that the U.S. would be pouring billions of dollars into a senseless war in Iraq.