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There were two floors of exhibitors clamoring to connect with Ad Tech New York’s 8,300 attendees. Trying to navigate the exhibitions compared in, noise and crowd levels, with a rush hour ride on a Manhattan subway.
For the most part the tsotchkes were boring: stress balls, scores of pens, sticky note pads, and the requisite t-shirts and hats. There was a lot of what looked like leftover Halloween candy too. I got 14 pens on the first day of the show. The coolest, although not a new idea, was the lava lamp pen from
There was a clever idea here and there, like the ValueClick passport that had to be stamped by all of the company’s eight brands so one could enter to win a free cruise. Too much work for me.
I did not walk away with a single t-shirt, a first for me.
The few standout tsotchkes included’s clever LED-enabled personal fan that spells out the company’s name.
Were the tsotchkes so ordinary, and paltry, because times are so good that nobody thought they had to try too hard? Or is there a dearth of tsotchke creativity among the online set?