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Falun_Gong_Demo.jpgSometimes, the simplest methods of building awareness are the best. That’s certainly the case with Chinese Falun Gong practitioners’ intensely affecting street team demonstration outside New York’s City Hall Park. The group shows how Falun Gong followers are targeted in an increasingly brutal eradication campaign by the Chinese government. Street team members take three or four hour shifts in the torture demonstrations, during which they meditate according to a spokesperson.
It is impossible to walk by them without reacting to the horror and senselessness of the tortures they portray. Falun Gong, which espouses slow-motion exercises, meditation and a blend of idiosyncratic beliefs, is considered by Chinese leaders to be “an evil cult” although its 70 to 100 million mostly middle-aged, working class followers claim they have absolutely no political agenda.
Electrified Cage
The silent demonstration includes examples of ways that Falun Gong followers are tortured