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popemobile.jpgPETA, that bastion of terrible taste, certifiable insanity and incredibly creative and over-the top PR stunts, showed up yesterday at St Patrick’s Cathedral with a Popemobile displaying their 10-foot statue of a cow dressed as the Pope, complete with a bovine crucifix.
The stunt is integrated with their ever-expanding Website, which features a gruesome video called “Meet Your Meat,” showing how animals are raised an slaughtered.
A PETA spokesperson said they did the Cow Pope stunt during Holy Week because there are a lot of people going to church. “People of faith, ” the spokesperson told the Daily News, “should be especially offended by how animals are treated.”

Award-winning Texas artist Greg Metz’s artwork “The Cow Pope” making its way across the United States around Easter, “encouraging a vegetarian diet as the best way to live peacefully with all of God’s creation as it was in the Garden of Eden. And in case you don’t live here, let me tell how much Manhattan is like the Garden of Eden.” Hey, I’m a vegetarian, and a bovomaniac, but these people are completely nuts!
The Cow Pope’s mission is to challenge people and the Vatican “to view the world from another animal’s point of view, to imagine what it must mean to be bred, manipulated, tortured, and then slaughtered in the most excruciatingly painful and distressing ways.”