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dance_robot.jpgThe “world’s first ballroom-dancing robot,” is helping to promote a 10-day Prototype Robot Exhibition that’s part of World Expo 2005,in Aichi, Japan.
Partner Ballroom Dance Robot(PBDR) has a female face and comes in bright blue or pink plastic. (A male model is being developed.) PBDR is able to predict the steps of a human partner based on body movement and react accordingly on its three wheels.
The exhibition, starting June 9, gives robotics companies and academic departments the chance to showcase their visions of a future in which robots are a part of everyday life.
World Expo is an incredibly cool event whose theme is to “bring together the world’s talent to create a model community for the future where humans can live in harmony with nature.”
If any site ever needed a blog, the expo site is it. The possibilities are endless.