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did-it_frog.JPEGThere is a paucity of cleverness and value in tsotchkes at Search Engine Strategies NY, with a couple of cool exceptions. I’d expected more interesting goodies, given the fact that search is hotter than a match. has a frog toss. You toss three rubber frogs into a mixing bowl. Get two in and you win a lovely frog that says grib-it (sounds like did-it.) Maybe they were pulling my frog leg, but they said the frog soon will have a blog. (Photos tonight)
MachInteractive is giving away services to those who sign up at a special landing page created just for the SES show. One thing they give in addition to consulting, is NetTracker Enterprise, which is worth $2K.
Valueclick Search is giving away 64K USB jump drives as well as mints in a container that clicks.
InfoSearch Media is giving away an iPod to anyone who signs up for a campaign at the show.
Universal Search Engine was giving away beer, all day, before and after lunch.
MSN Search had a t-shirt packaged like a light bulb. It had very interesting wrinkles when unwrapped.
Accoona is doing a drawing for a MiniCooper. Registrants (not press, boo hoo) got an entry form with their show materials. You have to get the entry validated and the drawing is, I think, tonight.)
Strange tsotchkes: is giving out gingerbread cookies and cookie cutters, which would seem the opposite of the message they would want to project. was giving away bobbleheads of streakers who have run through events with printed on their bodies. One was Mark Roberts and another was Ron Bensimhon, whom the booth guy earnestly told me all about.
There’s the usual assortment of pens, candy, mints, stress balls and other junk.