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The Wall St. Journal, which just hasn’t seemed to get blogging, admits today that “bloggers could bring new approaches and a wide range of voices to covering an event steeped in tradition.” The paper’s Website has a list of bloggers reporting from the convention with links to their blogs. also has a list of credentialed bloggers.
Writes Dave Barry: “have arrived in Boston, and the security is SERIOUS. There are police officers, dogs, army guys, helicopters… and that’s just in my hotel room But as a trained journalism professional, I intend to overcome these obstacles and write daily reports for the Miami Registration Required Herald. Also, if any actual major news breaks out, I will… well, I imagine I will probably leave.”
Even The Weekly Reader has young reporters blogging from the floor and some have already landed big interviews including First Lady Laura Bush, U.S. Senator John Kerry, ABC News Anchors Peter Jennings and George Stepanopolous.
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