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Best Practices Archives

Interview: Tom Herman on Gamifying NFTs to Fight Climate Change
Betty the World’s First Tweeting Chicken (Redux)
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“Calling Bullshit”: The Perfect College Course for Our Times
NASA Seeks Guardian of the Galaxy. 9 Year-Old Applies
How to Banish Bullshit From Your Corporate Writing
Can You Eat Your Clothing? Houdini Sportswear Thinks So
Blog Writing Guidelines for Creating Readable, Sharable Posts
Make: a Dash Button That Contributes $5 to ACLU Every Time trump Makes You Angry
VIRAL VIDEO: Netherlands Welcomes Trump in His Own Style
Diageo VR Experience Puts You Into a Drunk Driving Crash
Best 2016 Election Response: SNL’s Kate McKinnon Singing “Hallelujah”
Dogs to the Rescue: Pedigree’s Brilliant Newsjacking
Uber Hands Out Breathalyzer Cards You Can Lick to See If You’re Too Drunk to Drive
This WhizKid may be the coolest kid on the Internet
Coleman F. Sweeney, the “World’s Biggest Asshole” Teaches An Important Lesson
5 business lessons from Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump’s social media methods
Sir Patrick Stewart’s sings country classics for charity
7 Key Customer Service Guidelines Brands Need Now
Project Literacy – A Global Movement to Combat Illiteracy
What you must know about your Google About.Me Profile
Land’s End Drops Gloria Steinem, #HelpKenyaNotKanye
David Bowie’s Online Innovation, #NYValues; New Twitter Ads
Why nothing else matters if your customer service sucks
Twitter cats to the rescue in #BrusselsLockdown
Jack Dorsey’s CEO Duet; Twitter Moments; YouNow Takes Off
#AskTrump Twitter Debacle, Lady GaGa’s Viral Video; #PigGate
Kids send R2D2 to Space, Diabolical iPhone Subscriptions
Force Friday, Blab.im’s Spectacular Rise: Beyond Social Media Show 110
How the Google-Twitter Partnership Changes SEO for Brands
D.C. Diner’s Donald Trump Sandwich: Full of Bologna
Google and Facebook race to provide global connectivity
Starbucks’ CEO Howard Schultz Spearheads 100kOpportunities
YouTube Launches Newswire, Bush Launches JEB!
Twitter Expands DM Size, Tampons Go Viral
Google & GoPro Team Up for Virtual Reality
Tweets now appear in Google Search: 7 Tips for Brands
President Obama Joins Twitter & Racists Respond
How NonProfits Can Get Big Results By Creatively Combining Free Google and Amazon Marketing Tools
#NeverSettleForVerizon & Violent Bar Coasters
ACLU Releases Cop Cam App
Celebrities Take #TwizzlerChallenge for Autism Awareness
Hillary Clinton Logo BrouHaHa and Much More
Chase Me: animated film made with 3D-printing
#AskSeaWorld Sinks, TedCruz NOT Com
[VIDEO] Pros & Cons of Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Campaign
It’s International Day of Happiness
Google’s Birthday Surprise for Google Plus Users
YouTube ISIS Ad Gaffe; More Google Plus Breakup Rumors
Will Google+ Minus Hangouts?
Giuliani Blasts Obama & Social Media Blasts Back
50 Shades of Marketing, Twitter’s New Curator
Good, Bad & Truly Bizarre ’50 Shades of Grey’ Brand Tie-ins
Brian Williams’ Career Suicide; Google/Twitter SEO Deal, Papal Hangout
Pope Francis Does a Google+ Hangout
Twitter’s rolling out new “While You Were Away” Timeline Feature. But Why?
Really Stupid Drone Tricks, Really Silly Beard Baubbles, Honda’s Nostalgia
Four NYC Rabbis Arrested, FTC Warns Agencies, Subway Dancing
More Twitter Travesties, Chocolate Farts, DeathSwitch
HRH Prince of Wales’ Hangout, Anti-Gun Humor, Hotel Privacy Shocker
Three Social Media Storms, Google Robots Fight, Chevy Guy Returns
More than 1.2 million 1.6 million 1.9 views of OneDirection Band’s Google+ Hangout
Texas PoliTech’s Dumb & Dumber Videos; Opera Decries Bullying
Warner Brothers Runs G+ Hangout on Air with Interstellar Stars
Tips & Tricks for creating a great Google+ Hover Card
Twitter Live Streams on YouTube, LOL Bulbs, Bad Google+ Advice
How NASA & NY Times Use Google+ Hangouts in Digital Strategy
Microsoft CEO Apologizes Lamely, Copyblogger Quits Facebook
Microsoft CEO’s Outrageous $Karma Raise Advice to Women, DIY Invisibility
Kevin Richardson Plays Football With Lions, Facebook Bans LikeGating
[VIDEO] Interview with Eric Yaverbaum about Emma Watson Trolls
Budweiser Puppy & KLM Dog #FAILs + StatSocial Demo
What really makes content go viral?
#Sing2Lines: Social Media Singing Challenge to save a child
National Coalition for the Homeless Newsjacks iPhone6 Launch
Worst 9/11 Brand Tweets; Rice/NFL Debacle; Apple’s Launch
Join our first-ever Google+ Hangout Training Office Hour (gratis)
AmEx ISIS re-brand goofs; Amazon gets Twitch; LEGO Female Scientists are gone
How Lawyers are Using Google+ Hangouts and why you should too
[VIDEO] Ferguson Protests, Cyber Attacks & an Aroused Horse
Live Dog Elected Mayor, Limbaugh Lies (again), Edelman PR #FAIL
10 ways your business can (should) use Google+ Hangouts
Hangouts’ Showcase app, Plagiarist Fired, Robots, Pot, Turds & Trust
How to view a Hangout that features the new Showcase app BETA
New Google+ Showcase app adds game-changing business value to Hangouts on Air
LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]
Scatalogical Tweets offend; P&G, LeBron & YouTube Stars Score
Gawker’s mean, GM app is dangerous, Pantene’s ad is great [VIDEO]
Google will pay for women & minorities to learn coding
Netflix rocks branded content, Agencies resist G+, Starbucks pays tuition [VIDEO]
2nd Grader Uses Social Media to Start Anti-bullying Club
VIDEO: Net Neutrality Rant, Funny Alarm Clock, United Breaks Guitars2
Must-see! Guy Kawasaki on branding: speak in a human voice
Wondering what business can do with G+ Hangouts? Take a look!
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Unconscious Tweets, State of the Internet, #HiddenCash
Beyond Social Media Show #49: A Jerk, a Hero Cat, Curly Hair & Jocks
Ready to get rid of the messy background in your videos?
6 Great Examples of G+ Business Hangouts on Air: from career counseling to Chinese classes
Hermetically sealed couples, 3 Twitter #FAILS & a PowerPoint Killer [VIDEO]
Facebook’s Privacy Experiment, Tiny Hamsters Go Viral, Great Content Marketing
Two MIT students will give $100 Bitcoins to every undergrad
Burger King’s Subservient Chicken resurrected (kind of)
NYPD Twitterstorm, G+ is (Not) Dead, Virtual Field Trips [VIDEO]
Polymaths: “State of Infection” author Dr Michael J Frey
Amazon 3D Phone, Google’s Easter Eggs & Social Media Mercy
Sing Halelulah! US Airways forgives poster of pornographic Tweet
Webinar: How to Use Google+ Communities to Connect with Influencers – Thurs, April 17, 4 PM EDT
A non-profit benchmark study with a sense of humor
Bacon Alarm Clock, Big Papi/Obama Selfie, Honey Maid Stands Up
TacoBell’s phones with a past & LEGO’s social media
Worst Newsjack Ever, End of Facebook Free Ride, Catstarter
Do your press releases & PR pitches stink? I can fix them!
Olympics spat nets Chobani $70 in earned media for saying nothing
App turns water into wine; Food Truck turns beer into food; Chobani wins Olympics
Coke’s Social Media Guard, AT&T’s Home Security & A Load Of Crap
Coca-Cola video mocking our social media addiction goes viral
Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Clinic; Hot Pockets Bad Meat; Groupon’s Presidents Day Goof
How to use Google+ in Marketing & why you should: Barry Feldman interviews B.L. Ochman
Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
Kentucky School Principal’s rocking Snow Day Video Goes Viral
B.L. Ochman’s Tips & Tricks for creating a great Google+ HoverCard
11 ways every GooglePlus post promotes your content
Uber’s Dirty Tricks; Twitter saves lost bunny, furniture industry gets hip: Beyond Social Media Show # 33
Five Pervasive Myths about GooglePlus
MLK Day Mistweets, Richard Sherman’s Rant & EA’s Non-Disclosed Paid Reviews
Mashable Disses Google+, Facebook Jumps the Shark, Rodman Rants: Beyond Social Media Show # 31
Uh Oh Spaghettios, Anchorman2 PR, Cat Academy – Beyond Social Media Show 28
Still wondering why your brand needs to use GooglePlus? Behold Toyota Collaborator – the future of social shopping
Top Three reasons GooglePlus should not be compared to Facebook
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
Degage Ministries: creating a market for something to believe in
Martha Stewart’s Big Blogger Blunder; Tide’s Scary Vines; apps and stats you need – Beyond Social Media Show
Fox News Brand Jacking; Google’s New Privacy Policy & Hummingbird Update – Beyond Social Media Show
Join us Tues, Oct 1 at 2 PM EST for 1/2 hour live Google+ Hangout on Air with The Beyond Social Media Show
Beyond Social Media: Exploding yogurt, rude bottle caps, Google+ Helpouts & lots more
Learn how to set up your Google+ profile for maximum impact in a no-charge 15-minute demo Sept 4 at 12:30 PM EST
Former McDonald’s President begins Lyfe Kitchens sustainable fast food chain
Astra Bottle Theater: having fun cleaning up Hamburg’s red light district
Climate Name Change: a brilliant way to deal with people who ignore science and a sense of humor about a serious issue
Beyond Social Media Show: Worst QR Codes Ever; Google+ Helpouts Coming; Weiner weiners; stats you need, tools you can use
While brands & gurus whine, White House holds Google+ Geek Week Hangout
Google is opening a free New York City YouTube Space for video production
New Cali CowChat mobile app gives you a talking Cowvatar who can tap dance (& more!)
Menstruation goes viral with Hello Flo tampon subscription service’s hilarious video
Free Databoard from Google lets you make infographics from research reports
Beyond Social Media Show Episode 3 – Daredevils, Strange Protests, Shiny Objects You Can Use & Lots More
Beyond Social Media Google Hangout, Episode 2: Aliens, Despots, TicTacs & Shiny New Stuff
Hallelulah! Offline Glass Prevents Cellphone Use in Bars & Restaurants
Google’s Project Loon: Balloon-Powered Internet for Everyone, Everywhere
Why Google Plus rocks – and why we’ve switched Beyond Social Media Show from BlogTalk Radio to Google+ Hangouts on Air
Brilliant “Better Futures: a stock for social change” updates iconic 40 year-old PSA
Adobe Creative Days Creates Real-Time Photoshop Bus Stop
Contribute to fight Alzheimer’s: you might win a trip to London and lunch with Samuel L Jackson
The coolest music video ever: Canadian astronaut Cmdr. Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station
Join My Webinar: “Why Google+ Matters to Your Business & How to Use it Wisely” – May 9, 4 PM EDT
A brilliant promotion for a new book about how the Internet is frying our brains
Beyond Social Media Podcast – Is Hyundai Lying? Coca Cola’s Young Love, Gay on Twitter & Speaking Photos
Durex Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and (Really) Touch Someone
Daan Roosegaarde: making suits that become transparent when bankers tell lies
From “Beyond Social Media Show”: Six shiny new objects you can use
Book Review: Complete Beginner’s Guide to Building a Website or Blog with WordPress
BurgerKing social media team caught napping as @Anonymous ?? hacks BK Twitter account
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Brilliant! Facebook app lets you find someone to blame for giving you the flu
NJ Gov. Chris Christie (Republican) Calls House Republicans’ Denial of Sandy Aid “Disgusting”
Google’s Zeitgeist 2012
Lego: a company that doesn’t have to force customers to Like them on Facebook
Instant gratification comes to online shoppers with Q1 launch of Shutl service promising immediate delivery
Top brands are targeting DailyBreak’s 10 million young adult members with high-yield social contests
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Brilliant LoMo #CaptureEuphoria Campaign on Instagram
How viral video helped sell 2.5 million Orabrush tongue cleaners and crowdsource funds for the new Orapup dog breath cure
Coke’s Happiness Campaign continues to surprise and delight. So why force Facebook “Likes”?
Study of top 100 e-commerce checkouts shows 82% have usability issues
Google’s tribute to Trekkies
The speech I wish we’d hear at the Democratic convention
Bovomaniancs Rejoice! The talking California dairy cows are back
Look Ma! No Lawyers! Charmin demonstrates the value of a sense of humor in social media
“Eternally Gluten-Free,” cookbook by 7th grader Dominick Cura, author, blogger & video producer
The state of social media marketing in the second half of 2012
Job seekers are turning to clever, sometimes wacky tactics. Do they work?
Why advertisers should put their money on Twitter
Dear PR People: Please take this quiz before you send out another press release or email pitch
TEDx East 2012 – a mind-stretching experience
Why You Can’t Make Marketing Go Viral, Redux
WiseStamp lets you add your social content to your emails in real time. We’ve come a long way, baby.
Nancy Schwartzman: a force for social change, and, hopefully, an inspiration for brands
Infographic: how to use social media to land a job (+ I’m looking)
Yay! Room 214 issues a social media trends report that’s more than a thinly veiled sales pitch
Playing Catch-up with Pepsi, Coca-Cola Unveils Social Media Strategy Thru 2020
A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
Guy Kawasaki’s new e-book, “What the Plus!” is the missing manual for Google+
McDonald’s, NYPD Punked by YES Men “Three Strikes, You’re In” Spoof Campaign
Dear PR Peeps: please read this *really great* PR pitch! (And what he was pitching)
Three much better ways to spend money than Super Bowl ads
Zappos to hacked customers: we’re here to help! Facebook to hacked customers: Screw you!
Newt Gingrich punked by ignorance as www.newtgingrich.com becomes a joke – and I bought two more good ones!
Nine very good tools for monitoring your brand in social media
A new and better way to measure Twitter influence
No, QR Codes are not dead. But some of the stupid ways they’re used should be killed.
A little rant about social media ethics, inspired by Robert Scoble
Google+ mania: most pundits are missing the real point
Do you really know what Twitter statistics measure? Does anyone? Better take another look!
50% off Likeable U Conference for What’s Next Readers
“No gifts for me” says 8 year-old Allison. “Let’s help Alyssa get a service dog!”
Six lessons companies can learn from customer service hell
How I got hooked on the marketing power of the Internet in 1996
Will it Blend? Tom Dickson blends Viral Video Awards
Review: Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment – beyond persuasion to changing hearts and minds
Dear CMOs and Bean Counters: please watch this video daily
My one-minute interview with three Facebook reps: will Facebook replace company websites?
My Social Media Week Presentation on Online Reputation Management
How to have a totally freaking amazing corporate blog
Taco Bell tells us where the beef is – does it make you hungry for Taco Bell?
Lessons from the 10 most viral brands of 2010
Social CRM – Thank you Ben & Jerry’s: a brand that’s social, for real, (and MediaTemple, for trying)
How to make sure your corporate blog has readers
Dr. Jan Gurley’s YouTube video: a simple solution to help cholera victims in Haiti – pass it on please
Joy goes viral with Alice Herz-Sommer, 107 on Nov. 26th – world’s oldest Holocaust survivor
How some social media icons drink from the media firehose without drowning
A Must-See Phenomenal 2-D Mobile Code Campaign for Indie Music
New report on “The State of Mobile Communications” says be mobile or be dust
Top 7 Reasons Why Blendtec’s “Will It Blend?” is one of the all-time great viral campaigns. And yes, iPhone 4 blends.
B.L. Ochman’s Internet Writing Manifesto
Google innovations: Mad Useful
Social & Emerging Media Still Suffer from Slide 29 Syndrome
Coke’s Happiness Campaign Just Keeps Getting Better
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funds ViewChange: an Extraordinary Combination of Technology & Compassion
Thistle Farms: Marketing With Hope, Love & Social Media
Pepsi’s Optimism Project Propels Them into a Group of Highly Evolved Brands
Trendsspotting Report: 2010 Online Marketing Influencers: Trend Predictions in 140 characters
Social media: “just modern tools to do something very basic”
Seven Reasons Your Company Should Be Blogging
Viral Video: Entire Hospital Staff Boogies in “Pink Glove Dance” to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
What’s Next Blog Interview: Suzanne Lowe on how to keep corporate silos from impeding success. Just move past them!
B.L. Ochman’s Blogger Outreach Manifesto
Yes Men Use Social Media to Help Them Pull Off Media Heist with “We’re Screwed” Edition of NY Post
A Tale of Two Contests Using Social Media – One Stinks, One’s Cute
Debunking Five Myths About Blog Advertising
Global Shim Sham for Frankie Manning – You Just Can’t Stop the Lindy Hop
Brilliant Video from BestBuy CMO Barry Judge: The Future is Digital
Jet Blue’s CEO’s Guide to Jetting Hits Just the Right Note
Etiquette 2.0
Let’s Ban the “About Us” Page on Websites
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) Tells The Bailout Story Like It Is
Dear 3M and OfficeMax: What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate
How to Make a Video Contest Succeed – or Suck
Social Media Goes to the Dogs
The Formula for Successful Viral Campaigns. Not!
Why Are Retailers Still Confused About Shoppers Who Leave Their Sites?
Is Your Company Missing the Simplest Ways to Promote Your Website?
Dawn Hampton’s 80th Birthday Party, New York City
Cleaning Bag Advertising – the Wrong Message
New Balance – Customer Service As It Should Be!
Can Social Media to Change the World? You Bet!
PR People Please Take This Quiz Before Sending Another Pitch or Press Release
Toyota’s Violin Playing Robot Demonstrates, Again, Japanese Prescience
How to Eliminate Common Writing Mistakes, and Why You Should (Please)
A Good PR Pitch – Now That’s a Switch!
What Marketers Need to Know About Twitter
How Much Does a Social Media Marketing Campaign Cost?
Therapy Dog International’s Read to a Dog Program Encourages Young Readers
Google Introduces Free Mobile 411 Service. Take That Verizon et al!
Yet Another Reason to Love Fresh Direct
Stormhoek’s Blue Monster Reserve for Microsoft Arrives on the Cluetrain
Smart Marketing:DogCars.com Rates Cars for Dog Friendliness
My 2007 Marketing Predictions Were Half Right – Thinking About 2008
iPhone – The Crazy Ones
Hillary: Wanna Know What Song Gets Wacked?
Do Not Miss This Video! “An Inconvenient Truth” Pales By Comparison
Dow Chemical Joins Campaign to Map World Water Safety
AmEx Members Project Raises the Bar in Social Media Marketing
My New Favorite Website – Created By 8 and 9 Year-Olds for Thinkquest Competition
Top Reasons to Say “No” to New Business
Why I Heart Twitter More Each Day
Pet Stop Owner Tells Pet Owners: Educate Yourself, Trust Nobody
Voting Brouhaha in Karen Quinn Contest Could Become Plot of Her Next Novel
Is Twitter a Fad? Like Blogging? Ha Ha!
Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog Gets His Own Site, MySpace and Merchandise
JetBlue CEO David Neeleman Uses YouTube to Promise Brighter Skies Ahead
Still Wary of Blog Advertising? Time to Take Another Look
Hugh Macleod Proves That Love Really Is All There Is
PSFK Trends & Insights Conference Set for March 6th in New York
Author Karen Quinn Offers Prizes To Those Who Spread the Word About Her Online Contest
10 Keys to Writing Blog Posts Other Bloggers Will Link To
Geriatric Sue Teller Gets Her Crunk On for Mountain Dew
Forget Press Releases – You Tube Videos Are the Way to Distribute News
Go Get Elfed
Puppy Power! We Won the NYC Off-Leash Law Suit
Gaping Void Marketing Manifesto Redux
Can Internet Talents Rescue TV Networks From Idiotic Reality Shows?
Record Turnout of Young Voters May Have Swung Election Results
Hooray for Coke! Hooray for Consumer Generated Media!
Listen Up Recording Industry – MVine Records Shows You How to Use Social Media
HarperCollins Collaborative Contest a Landmark Social Media Event
Reuters Opens Virtual Bureau, With Real Bureau Chief, in Second Life
Dove Demonstrates How Perception of Beauty is Distorted
Walk to Cure Lupus Supported with Not-for-Profit BzzAgent Campaign
Real Life is the Latest Thing in Second Life
Kinky Friedman, a Politician With an Online Community and a Sane Energy Plan
Social Media Sites Make Creating Contests Simple and Cheap(er)
I’m Hosting an NYC Stormhoek Dinner for Non-Drinkers
Don’t Understand the Value of Blog Advertising? You Could Soon Be Asking “Would You Like Fries With That?”
Fresh Direct One-Click Recipes Make a Great Site Even Better
BBC to Launch Customer-Created Stations
Mentos Turns Coke/Mentos Geysers Into Video Contest
Cadbury Goes for Total Message Control in Product Recall
SRF Global Translations’ Gives the Global Business Blogging Community a Little Gift
Al Gore and MySpace Team Up to Promote Climate Change Documentary. Rock On Mr. President!
The Four-Day Work Week Challenge
Publicist Asks Rubel to Take Down Post. He Says No (Of Course)
Top 10 Reasons Your Company Shouldn’t Blog
Google Launches Google Finance. Look Out Hoovers!
Major League Baseball’s Player Blog is a Winner
Blogs in Marketing: Small, Smart Boutiques Trump Big Ad Agencies Every Time
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
Enough With Pontificating Bloggers! Here Comes the Next Wave of Blogs
Who Says Blogs Don’t Make Money?
A Valentine Gift for Procrastinators and Poets Alike
Journalist Blogs His Pitch-to-Paycheck Process for New Media Age Feature On Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt
Gaaagle: An Artful Protest of Google Censorship
Gnomedex Announcement Confuses April 1 and Feb. 1
Jib Jab Joke Box Email Joke Repository in Invite-Only Beta
Feed2Podcast Makes Your RSS Feed a Podcast
Water Secrets Blog: Haliburton Gave US Soldiers in Iraq Contaminated Water
Burger King Has a Girlfriend, and a New Viral
Editorial Cartoonist Borgmann Blogs His Sketches and Notes
Media Post Lauds Adrants. Congrats Steve!
Scoble Challenges Microsoft Again on Chinese Blogger Censorship
Smart Six Apart Makes Hosting Deal With Yahoo! Small Business
Why Aren’t Our Schools Teaching About the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt Has Potential Winner
Terry Heaton Update: Great News
Google Launches Category Killer Blog Search Beta
David Pogue: What’s Google Up To?
NY Times Digital, Print Newsrooms to Merge
Al Gore Invents Current TV, Interactive Cable Channel
Digifeld Salutes the 13th Birthday of King Samson de SoHo
Simply Fired is Viral Brainchild of Simply Hired
David Pogue Pokes Fun at Podcasting and Explains Its Possibilities
New Burger King Viral Creates the Requisite Controversy
Media Falls for Logoworks Viral Marketing Campaign
Adrants Expansion Scoop? Or Joke? Look Out Ad Week!
IBM Blog Enablement Day Launches Blog Initiative
IBM “Blogvangelist” Sher Taton Launches New Blog
Publisher Creates Book Ads That Work the Way People Shop Online
Seth Godin, The Stones and a Lie from Commerce Bank
Store Wars Latest Flash Activism From Free Range Studios
MoveOn.Org Mobilizing to Save NPR and PBA from Congressional Budget Cuts. Sign the Petition. This Time It’s For Real
Dancing Robot Helps Promote Japanese Robot Conference at World Expo. Why No Blog?
Slicing and Dicing Content for Expanded Exposure
What’s Next Blog’s Interviews with Successful Bloggers. Seth Godin: Don’t Take Blogging Too Seriously
Drug Trial That Rocked Australia Blogged Live From Court
Here’s a Good PR Pitch for a Change!
eMarketer Treats Bloggers as Press
What’s Next Blog’s Successful Bloggers Interviews: Steve Hall of Adrants on How to Pay the Mortgage Blogging
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
Wow! A Marathon Blog Education Week
Exclusive: Marketing Vox Publisher Expands Empire with Defense Industry Daily Blog
BMW Morphs Online Film Concept Into Comic Books by Top Artists
IAOC Blog Runs Week-Long RSS Seminar for Marketers
Impressive Customer Responsiveness From Wordtracker
As Pale Male and Lola Await the Stork, He Provides Behavior Lessons for Human Males
Rent-A-Kvetch on Canadian TV News’ Marketplace on Sunday Night
NY Times Pays Fire Sale Price for About.com’s 500-Blog Network
What Makes a Blog Successful?
Judy Vorfeld’s Digifeld Transforms My Photos of The Gates
How to Write Killer Blog Posts and More Compelling Comments
Lake Tahoe BEAR League Educates To Save Black Bears
Is Bush Kidding? $35 Million Is Not Enough for Tsunami Relief! Let’s Prove That America is Not Stingy!
Blogs For Christmas – A Way Cool and Free Gift
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
Artist Blogs One New Painting a Day
Google Sues Company for Click Fraud
A Brilliant Meme From John Kerry
Seth Godin Gives Away His Bootstrapper’s Bible
Bloggers Are Talking About You; Link to Them
Ikea Rolling Bedroom Promo Needs a Blog
Eminem’s Mosh Music Video is Deeply Affecting
Blogs Are a Good Buy for Advertisers
Bush Yoga Combines Political Spoof with Voter Registration Drive
Web is Awash in Political Spoofs As Election Day Approaches
Google and Yahoo! Results Show Power of Blogs
Self-Appointed Firefox Mozilla Evangelists Promote Browser
Votergasm: Bribing Non-Voters With Sex
Martha Stewart, in Consummate PR Move, Asks to Go to Jail Now
Satan for Bush — One of the Best Political Ads Yet
Oprah Show Car Giveaway Proves Again That PR Trumps Advertising
List of Corporate CEOs Who Blog
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
Criagslist Will Surpass One Billion Pageviews This Month
National Orgasm Week Promoted By Ann Summers With Viral Video
Arlo Guthrie Says Dad, Woody, Would Love Jib Jab’s “This Land Is Your Land” Parody
More Than 200 Major Business Leaders Announce Their Endorsement of Kerry
Internet Week: Convention Bloggers Legitimized New Medium
PR Coup As Michael Moore Sings “America The Beautiful” On Tonight Show
Bloggers Bring Sea Change to Political Reporting
Blogger’s Convention Coverage Off to a Flying Start
Duke University Freshman to Get Free iPods
“This Land” Cartoon Provides Equal Opportunity Offending and Laughs
Newman’s Own Organic Pet Food Enters $15 Billion Industry, Misses Online Marketing Opportunity
Kids Get to Try Out Grownup Jobs at Wannado Park
15,000 MoveOn Volunteers Register 15,000 New Voters In Three Hours
Mysteriously, Marketing’s Missing for Marvel, Sony & Spite Your Face’s Spiderman Short
Sam’s in the Daily News Today, But The Quote’s Left Out
15,000 Reporters Covering Democratic Convention
Worldwide Exclusive! President Bush Helps Make Sam Famous!
30,000 Attend MoveOn.Org House Parties to Hear Michael Moore Speak
Holy News Coup Batman! Blogger Scoops All Media With Early Iraq Handover Story
Nearly 300 Clinton Books Selling on eBay
Whole Dog Journal Rated 11th in List of 50 Best Magazines
Marvel Recreates Spiderman for Indian Market
Danier Leather To Break Very Cool TV Ad
Global PR Blog Week Set
Rowenta Sponsors Extreme Ironing Sport and Website
Parker Meridien’s $1000 Frittata a Cool Stunt
Company Says Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn Rule is Bull
Burger King Has Fun With Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign
Publisher Pays $1.25 Million for “Dog Biscuit”
WD40 Fan Club Details Product’s 2000 Uses
Cooperative Blog Started for Editors of Major Papers Worldwide
MoveOn.Org Uses Email to Generate 4,000 Visits to Ask Congressmen and Senators to Censure Bush
This Year’s Necco Heart Sayings Include “IM Me”
Pomegranate Juice Gets Prime Wall St. Journal PR Placement
MoveOn Mounts CBS Protest Campaign — Please Join
Dean to Internet As FDR to Radio, JFK to TV

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