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Is Steve Hall expanding his Adrants blog empire with a new publication? After all, sleep is so over-rated.
A post in 2100-member Adrants forum today says:
BOSTON, July 18 – Ad Future, a new online publication focusing on the future of the advertising industry has been launched today by Adrants Media, the publisher of Adrants.
Steve Hall the publisher of Ad Future said “I am delighted to announce that my publishing empire is expanding and that I am fully on target to overtake Ad Age as the leading publisher in this field. I know more than them about advertising and publishing so it is just a matter of time before I become the daddy.”
Ad Future will be publishered daily and will carry the views of a number of contributing editors including Harry Webber, Craig Peters, Kevin Glennon, David Wolfe, Drew Stein, Angela Glenn, Dawn Douglass, Pam Hawkins and Paul Macfarlane.

In an email, Hall said: “Ha! Well, who knows. It took me by surprise this AM. It’s a joke by Robert but one that isn’t far from a potential reality. I don’t have plans for this other than my thinking that I’d eventually have contributors to Adrants. It’s not a bad idea.
My Prediction
My guess: Steve’s the daddy. Look out AdAge. Well, maybe not AdAge, yet, but ad-supported Adrants is definitely giving AdWeek a run for advertisers, click throughs and subscribers.
My prediction: The domain name, Adfuture, is for sale. I bet AdWeek or AdAge buys it today.