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Betty the World’s First Tweeting Chicken (Redux)
NASA Seeks Guardian of the Galaxy. 9 Year-Old Applies
A Chronology of United Airlines Epic PR #FAIL (Updated)
Photo Realist Painter Ester Curini’s Third Solo Show Opens March 2 at Bernaducci Meisel Gallery, NYC
Stroke of Genius: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Renée Elise Goldsberry rap about Hillary Clinton
Ken Bone & the Red Sweater: Are We Fiddling While Rome Burns?
This WhizKid may be the coolest kid on the Internet
Coleman F. Sweeney, the “World’s Biggest Asshole” Teaches An Important Lesson
5 business lessons from Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump’s social media methods
Twitter Makes Broadcast Deal With NFL
Land’s End Drops Gloria Steinem, #HelpKenyaNotKanye
The Oatmeal: Autocorrect Hates You
Drop Dead Ted: NY Daily News to Ted Cruz
Jeff Bezos’ Solution to the Donald Trump Problem
Facebook apps and quizzes are a privacy nightmare
Twitter cats to the rescue in #BrusselsLockdown
The Video Marketing Revolution
Jack Dorsey’s CEO Duet; Twitter Moments; YouNow Takes Off
#AskTrump Twitter Debacle, Lady GaGa’s Viral Video; #PigGate
Arrested for making clock, 14 year-old becomes overnight geek celebrity
Kids send R2D2 to Space, Diabolical iPhone Subscriptions
Should your brand be on Blab.im?
Force Friday, Blab.im’s Spectacular Rise: Beyond Social Media Show 110
Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Interns’ Photoshop War
The PR Makeover of Cecil The Lion’s Killer Dr Walter Palmer
Huff Post will cover Donald Trump campaign as entertainment
#AmazonPrimeDay Bashing Was Fun, But Sales Are Up
YouTube Launches Newswire, Bush Launches JEB!
Twitter Expands DM Size, Tampons Go Viral
Google & GoPro Team Up for Virtual Reality
President Obama Joins Twitter & Racists Respond
#NeverSettleForVerizon & Violent Bar Coasters
ACLU Releases Cop Cam App
NHL Bans Meerkat & Periscope Live Streaming
Celebrities Take #TwizzlerChallenge for Autism Awareness
Hillary Clinton Logo BrouHaHa and Much More
#AskSeaWorld Sinks, TedCruz NOT Com
It’s International Day of Happiness
YouTube ISIS Ad Gaffe; More Google Plus Breakup Rumors
Will Google+ Minus Hangouts?
What Google should do with Google+
Giuliani Blasts Obama & Social Media Blasts Back
50 Shades of Marketing, Twitter’s New Curator
Good, Bad & Truly Bizarre ’50 Shades of Grey’ Brand Tie-ins
Video of Chris Christie Falling Off a Chair Goes Viral
Twitter’s rolling out new “While You Were Away” Timeline Feature. But Why?
Really Stupid Drone Tricks, Really Silly Beard Baubbles, Honda’s Nostalgia
Four NYC Rabbis Arrested, FTC Warns Agencies, Subway Dancing
YouTube star Zoella’s novel, “Girl Online” is instant best-seller
More Twitter Travesties, Chocolate Farts, DeathSwitch
HRH Prince of Wales’ Hangout, Anti-Gun Humor, Hotel Privacy Shocker
HRH Prince of Wales hosts Google+ Hangout Spotlighting Young Brits
Three Social Media Storms, Google Robots Fight, Chevy Guy Returns
Texas PoliTech’s Dumb & Dumber Videos; Opera Decries Bullying
Warner Brothers Runs G+ Hangout on Air with Interstellar Stars
Twitter Live Streams on YouTube, LOL Bulbs, Bad Google+ Advice
How NASA & NY Times Use Google+ Hangouts in Digital Strategy
Plusses & Minuses: Tiffany hosts its first Google+ Shoppable Hangout
Kevin Richardson Plays Football With Lions, Facebook Bans LikeGating
[VIDEO] Interview with Eric Yaverbaum about Emma Watson Trolls
Budweiser Puppy & KLM Dog #FAILs + StatSocial Demo
Photorealist Painter Ester Curini’s Solo Show Opens Oct 2 in NYC
Worst 9/11 Brand Tweets; Rice/NFL Debacle; Apple’s Launch
AmEx ISIS re-brand goofs; Amazon gets Twitch; LEGO Female Scientists are gone
[VIDEO] Ferguson Protests, Cyber Attacks & an Aroused Horse
Live Dog Elected Mayor, Limbaugh Lies (again), Edelman PR #FAIL
Hangouts’ Showcase app, Plagiarist Fired, Robots, Pot, Turds & Trust
LEGO BrandJacked, HobbyLobby NewsJacked, Selfies Toasted [Video]
[VIDEO] YouTube’s Richest Stars (Their earnings will blow your mind)
[VIDEO] Worst Brand Tweets of 2014 (so far)
Scatalogical Tweets offend; P&G, LeBron & YouTube Stars Score
Google will pay for women & minorities to learn coding
VIDEO: Net Neutrality Rant, Funny Alarm Clock, United Breaks Guitars2
Beyond Social Media Show #49: A Jerk, a Hero Cat, Curly Hair & Jocks
VIDEO: Beyond Social Media Show # 48 – Preview
Hermetically sealed couples, 3 Twitter #FAILS & a PowerPoint Killer [VIDEO]
Facebook’s Privacy Experiment, Tiny Hamsters Go Viral, Great Content Marketing
Burger King’s Subservient Chicken resurrected (kind of)
Eight incredibly creative (and lucrative) ways smart brands are using Google+
Amazon 3D Phone, Google’s Easter Eggs & Social Media Mercy
Worst Newsjack Ever, End of Facebook Free Ride, Catstarter
App turns water into wine; Food Truck turns beer into food; Chobani wins Olympics
Coke’s Social Media Guard, AT&T’s Home Security & A Load Of Crap
Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Clinic; Hot Pockets Bad Meat; Groupon’s Presidents Day Goof
Sochi Hotel Issues, Amazon reads your mind, Smello-phone
Kentucky School Principal’s rocking Snow Day Video Goes Viral
MLK Day Mistweets, Richard Sherman’s Rant & EA’s Non-Disclosed Paid Reviews
Yes, you need to learn Google+! What you need to know right now
Uh Oh Spaghettios, Anchorman2 PR, Cat Academy – Beyond Social Media Show 28
Still wondering why your brand needs to use GooglePlus? Behold Toyota Collaborator – the future of social shopping
Beyond Social Media Show # 24: Home Depot’s racist Tweet, Dolphins’ Bully, YouTube policy backlash
Dell Smells: Dell Finally Agrees to Fix Laptops That Smell Like Cat Pee
Martha Stewart’s Big Blogger Blunder; Tide’s Scary Vines; apps and stats you need – Beyond Social Media Show
Dear Google: You played your new terms of service announcement all wrong
Fox News Brand Jacking; Google’s New Privacy Policy & Hummingbird Update – Beyond Social Media Show
Former McDonald’s President begins Lyfe Kitchens sustainable fast food chain
Climate Name Change: a brilliant way to deal with people who ignore science and a sense of humor about a serious issue
Beyond Social Media Show: Worst QR Codes Ever; Google+ Helpouts Coming; Weiner weiners; stats you need, tools you can use
While brands & gurus whine, White House holds Google+ Geek Week Hangout
Menstruation goes viral with Hello Flo tampon subscription service’s hilarious video
Beyond Social Media: Password Pills Make Your Whole Body the Password
Bank of America’s Epic Twitter #FAIL
Contribute to fight Alzheimer’s: you might win a trip to London and lunch with Samuel L Jackson
Beyond Social Media Podcast – Is Hyundai Lying? Coca Cola’s Young Love, Gay on Twitter & Speaking Photos
What Google’s race to perfect the semantic web means to brands (and you)
Kmart’s double entendre “Ship My Pants” ad goes viral, but also offends
QR Codes are history. Paper’s gone digital!
Mashable’s SXSW state of the Internet 2013: depressing (and poor Grumpy Cat)
BurgerKing social media team caught napping as @Anonymous ?? hacks BK Twitter account
How Beyonce’s publicist made a not so bad situation worse
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Google’s Zeitgeist 2012
“50 Shades of Chicken” You know you want it!
Instant gratification comes to online shoppers with Q1 launch of Shutl service promising immediate delivery
“Dumb Ways to Die” Train Safety Tips Video Goes Viral. Go Figure!
Ben & Jerry’s Launches Brilliant LoMo #CaptureEuphoria Campaign on Instagram
How viral video helped sell 2.5 million Orabrush tongue cleaners and crowdsource funds for the new Orapup dog breath cure
Google’s tribute to Trekkies
‘BIC for Her’ pen is lambasted as hundreds of women hijack Amazon reviews
RomneyRyan.com spoofs Romney’s tax returns with fake site by 26 year-old New Yorker
Mentos “make a baby tonight” anthem: another weird campaign from BBH
Job seekers are turning to clever, sometimes wacky tactics. Do they work?
Playing Catch-up with Pepsi, Coca-Cola Unveils Social Media Strategy Thru 2020
McDonald’s, NYPD Punked by YES Men “Three Strikes, You’re In” Spoof Campaign
Zappos to hacked customers: we’re here to help! Facebook to hacked customers: Screw you!
Newt Gingrich punked by ignorance as www.newtgingrich.com becomes a joke – and I bought two more good ones!
Apple makes buying the iPhone 4S a royal pain. FAIL!
A new and better way to measure Twitter influence
iPhone 4S’ Siri is xenophobic and she can’t sing
Uh Oh! Facebook blew it again on privacy. So what!
Down Sparky! Self-proclaimed Google+ experts already multiplying like rabbits
Google+ mania: most pundits are missing the real point
Do you really know what Twitter statistics measure? Does anyone? Better take another look!
Scalped: QR Code haircuts reach 10 million in Thailand
Review: Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod – Buy this Book!
Howard Rheingold on how to keep Mark Zuckerberg from eating your brains
The end of editorial judgement at the NY Observer?
Taco Bell tells us where the beef is – does it make you hungry for Taco Bell?
With Olbermann suspension, journalistic objectivity, always an illusion, bites the dust
The Gulf of Mexico is over capacity: too many careless corporations. Please wait a millenium and try again
Beyond the 3D Internet – a look at what’s next in Interaction
Mark Zuckerberg: Why are you hiding? Entrepreneurs are already creating privacy solutions as Facebook’s Zuckerberg stays mum
Facebook Privacy Changes – Opportunity or Threat for Brands?
Coke’s Happiness Campaign Just Keeps Getting Better
Viral Video: Entire Hospital Staff Boogies in “Pink Glove Dance” to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness
Drew Carey Ups the Ante to $1 Million in Twitter Charity Auction. Take That Cancer! You Jerk!
People of Walmart – a runaway hit Wal-mart can’t (& shouldn’t) stop
Starbucks Social Media Monitoring & Community Help It Survive Brand Attack
Marketers Need to KISS: Keep it strategic silly!
Forrester: Sponsored Conversation is Here to Stay. Get Over It
The Gargoyle: Princess Bride Meets Garp and a Fake Social Media Campaign
How to Make a Video Contest Succeed – or Suck
AP vs Blogger BrouHaHa – New Realities for Old Media
A Blog That’s Scary on So Many Levels, Heh
Top Bloggers Essential Research Tools – Mack Collier on How to Keep Ahead of the Information Tsunami
Press Release Distribution Service Butts Heads With Bloggers
Why Social Media – And Andrés Bianciotto – Rock and Why PR Week & Adicio Still Suck
Can Social Media to Change the World? You Bet!
What Marketers Need to Know About Twitter
Google Introduces Free Mobile 411 Service. Take That Verizon et al!
Stormhoek’s Blue Monster Reserve for Microsoft Arrives on the Cluetrain
Reports of Blogging’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated
I Can Has Chezeburger – A Lesson for Marketers
AmEx Members Project Raises the Bar in Social Media Marketing
Hyundai-Sponsored Comedy Central Site Removes Insensitive Homeless Joke
Voting Brouhaha in Karen Quinn Contest Could Become Plot of Her Next Novel
Is Twitter a Fad? Like Blogging? Ha Ha!
B.L. Ochman & Company Launches Blog Advertising and Creative Agency
Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog Gets His Own Site, MySpace and Merchandise
Still Wary of Blog Advertising? Time to Take Another Look
Michael Dell’s Back and He’s Excited. Will Consumers Care?
Author Karen Quinn Offers Prizes To Those Who Spread the Word About Her Online Contest
Forget Press Releases – You Tube Videos Are the Way to Distribute News
Why Big Companies Are Bombing in Second Life
Bazooka Joe Contest Scores in Second Life
Listen Up Recording Industry – MVine Records Shows You How to Use Social Media
Firefox 2.0 Release Generates Partying Worldwide
Doing a Viral Campaign Right Ain’t Cheap, or Easy
Furor Over New Facebook Features is Ridiculous
Leaks About Dell Battery Recall Forced Uncoordinated Anouncements
Do We Have to Cut Dell and Ford Some Slack? Frankly, No
Coke/Mentos Videos: An Important Lesson for Every Brand
Exclusive: eBay Auction of Elvis’ First House Lists It in The WRONG Town
Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast Puts Your Name, etc. in Lights.
Pelosi Site Yanks “Blogging 101” Tips After Kingston (R-GA) Links to Them
L2: No Pro-Chevy Tahoe Ad Went Viral
Chevy Gets the Picture Not!
Vinyl Records Are Back. Everything Old is New Again
Won’t It Be Funny When Chevy Tahoe Sends Cease & Desist Letters to Bloggers!
Jack Trout Says Advertising Trumps Word of Mouth
NY Times: Edelman in Sleazy Relationship with Right Wing Bloggers
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
ABC TV Rejects KFC Ad as Subliminal, Cuts Off its Nose to Spite its Face. Doh!
Bio-Beetle Rental Cars Run on Cooking Oil. Look Out Hertz: What’s Next
Six Apart Gets $12 Million From VCs to Do What Delphi Forums Has Already Quietly and Successfully Done
Enough With Pontificating Bloggers! Here Comes the Next Wave of Blogs
Sun-Sentinal: Blogs Are Big Business
No URLs in Many Super Bowl Ads! Doh
Jagger Holds the Power at Super Bowl Half-Time. Don’t Let Us Down Mick!
Gnomedex Announcement Confuses April 1 and Feb. 1
Feed2Podcast Makes Your RSS Feed a Podcast
Stock Market, Animals and Zoo Keepers Go Bonkers in Japan
NY Times and WSJ Finally Cover Microsoft Shutdown of Chinese Blogger
An Incomplete Guide to CES Blog Coverage
Janet Maslin’s NY Times Review Skewers Wonkette’s “Dog Days”
Onion Spoof on Word of Mouth Marketing Hits the Sore Spot
Smart Six Apart Makes Hosting Deal With Yahoo! Small Business
Ad Tech NY: Create a Word of Mouth Campaign in Five Easy Steps
Budget Launches Blog-Based Up Your Budget 16-City Treasure Hunt
Cinderella Food Blogger Julia Powell Takes Shot at Other Bloggers
IBM Employee Resigns In Midst of Freedom of Speech Brou Ha Ha
Doesn’t He Look Young Here?
NY Post: MSN and AOL Talking Merger
Google Launches Category Killer Blog Search Beta
David Pogue: What’s Google Up To?
New Burger King Viral Creates the Requisite Controversy
Adrants Expansion Scoop? Or Joke? Look Out Ad Week!
Robert Scoble’s Way Cool Surrender on China
Paris is Peeing Right Now
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
The Best Quote from Blog Nashville
Wow! A Marathon Blog Education Week
Will Business Week Blog Turn to Paid Sub?
Don Crowther Update: It’s Cluelessness, Not Lawlessness
Listen Up Microsoft and Apple: Abbott and Costello Buy a Computer Rings Waaaay Too True
My Response to Flap About My Search Engine Report
Red Couch Chapter 2 Draft: Blogging Has Softened Public Opinion of Microsoft
Gates: People Love Them or Hate Them
CBC Kvetching Shoot Went Great
Rent-A-Kvetch Rides Again on CBC — Book Deal Needed
Geeky Valentines Take Off in Japan
I’ve Pissed Off Some Publicists
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
Artist Blogs One New Painting a Day
BzzAgent Is NY Times Sunday Magazine Cover Story
Web is Awash in Political Spoofs As Election Day Approaches
Bloggers Convince PRSA to Add Blogging Workshop to PRSA 2004 Conference
Steve Rubel Forgets What Mother Said
Cheney’s Blunder Drives Traffic to Soros’ Anti-Bush Site
Bush: “Keeping America Scared” Now Showing in Blogosphere
Votergasm: Bribing Non-Voters With Sex
Christo Central Park “Gates” Project Needs A Blog
Attention Agents: Jeremy’s the Zelig of the Diaper Set
Satan for Bush — One of the Best Political Ads Yet
Republican Honcho’s Contact Info Found in New York City Cab
New Yorkers Give Republican Convention a Bronx Cheer
Warner Brothers Records Makes Classic PR Mistakes Approaching MP3 Music Bloggers
Sad Day for James McGreevey and Family
Arlo Guthrie Says Dad, Woody, Would Love Jib Jab’s “This Land Is Your Land” Parody
Internet Week: Convention Bloggers Legitimized New Medium
Fake Bill Clinton Blog Is a Hilarious Parody
“This Land” Cartoon Provides Equal Opportunity Offending and Laughs
Sam’s in the Daily News Today, But The Quote’s Left Out
15,000 Reporters Covering Democratic Convention
Worldwide Exclusive! President Bush Helps Make Sam Famous!
Bill Gates Said to Be Planning a Blog
Burger King’s Ugoff Is Hungry. He Ain’t No Subservient Chicken.
Fahrenheit 9/11: Great Content That Needs a Good Editor
Nearly 300 Clinton Books Selling on eBay
Is Bill Gates Looking to Take Over the Blogosphere?
Burger King Has Fun With Subservient Chicken Viral Campaign
Daddy Bush Defends His Boy
Study Proves The Obvious: Bloggers Plagarize. But the Problem is a Lot Bigger Than That
Parodies Spoof Celebrity Trial Sites
Matt Drudge Needs to Get His Nose Out of Democrats’ Pants
In PR Faux Pas, Symantec Shifts Blame, Pisses Off Customers
The Ugly Side of Viral Marketing

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