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Bzz_agent_logo.jpgBoston-based Bzz Agent, a leading Word of Mouth marketing company, will be featured in the cover story of this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, according to the company’s founder, Dave Balter.
The company has generated buzz for clients including Seth Godin, Tom Peters, Lee Jeans, Wharton School of Business. Volunteer “Bzz agents” working for free samples of the products, spread the word for clients.
Jason Calcanis recently referred to BzzAgent as “evil Word of Mouth Marketing folks.”
He ranted about word of mouth agencies: “These groups are clearly designed to: a) make the deceitful act of advertisers paying off consumer to do covert marketing as in some way legitimate, and b) give the founders of these organizations a fat salary for doing no work!
BzzAgent, if you are encouraging your