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paris-mouthful.jpgHere’s a story about Paris Hilton that I like a lot better than the one about her Carl’s Jr. commercial. Last week, at Crash Mansion, at the story slam off of the urban story telling group, The Moth, one of the story tellers told of going out in a group including Paris Hilton. They were sitting in a trendy Manhatan Meat District boite, she said, when Paris hiked up her dress and said “I’m peeing right now.” Can’t get that story out of my head as I read the brouhaha about her Carl’s Jr. commercial.
Now that Television Council research Director Melissa Caldwell has labeled the Carl’s Jr. Paris Hilton commercial “soft porn” (duh) it’s gotten yet another round of media play. Google lists 284 stories worldwide quoting Caldwell.
Yesterday, Steve Hall at adrants accused Carl’s Jr. EVP of Marketing Brad Haley of creating a publicity stunt by telling the IT guys to shut down the servers for a while so he could claim that traffic crashed them.
I love Paris Hilton’s “interview” on the Carl Jr’s site, in which she says “This burger is really hot. It has like jalapenos and onion rings.” She certainly is a sexy thing, until she opens her mouth.
The company’s press release says “She fascinates Carl’s Jr.’s most loyal customers,’young, hungry guys,’ as well as ‘young, hungry gals,” Haley said. The woman sitting next to her at the club wasn’t too fascinated.