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Advertising Campaigns Archives

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National Coalition for the Homeless Newsjacks iPhone6 Launch
Worst 9/11 Brand Tweets; Rice/NFL Debacle; Apple’s Launch
Hangouts’ Showcase app, Plagiarist Fired, Robots, Pot, Turds & Trust
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Hermetically sealed couples, 3 Twitter #FAILS & a PowerPoint Killer [VIDEO]
Burger King’s Subservient Chicken resurrected (kind of)
Coca-Cola video mocking our social media addiction goes viral
Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Clinic; Hot Pockets Bad Meat; Groupon’s Presidents Day Goof
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A very personal response to Hyundai’s “Pipe Job” – the most disgusting car ad EVER
Kmart’s double entendre “Ship My Pants” ad goes viral, but also offends
Durex Fundawear Lets You Reach Out and (Really) Touch Someone
Existential, angst-ridden cat, Henri, le Chat Noir, commissioned by Friskies
Another reason Ben & Jerry’s is cool (besides Chunky Monkey)
Oreo’s Superbowl win proves – clearly and sweetly – that money really can’t buy love
Top brands are targeting DailyBreak’s 10 million young adult members with high-yield social contests
“Dumb Ways to Die” Train Safety Tips Video Goes Viral. Go Figure!
Can a campy Bigfoot relative sell Cousins Subs? Stay tuned!
How viral video helped sell 2.5 million Orabrush tongue cleaners and crowdsource funds for the new Orapup dog breath cure
Coke’s Happiness Campaign continues to surprise and delight. So why force Facebook “Likes”?
‘BIC for Her’ pen is lambasted as hundreds of women hijack Amazon reviews
Bovomaniancs Rejoice! The talking California dairy cows are back
Mentos “make a baby tonight” anthem: another weird campaign from BBH
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Three much better ways to spend money than Super Bowl ads
Dairy Queen Mini-Blizzard Video Contest is Big Fun. Did it sell any ice cream?
Scalped: QR Code haircuts reach 10 million in Thailand
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I really didn’t want to write another post about lame PR pitches, but….
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Forrester: Sponsored Conversation is Here to Stay. Get Over It
Skittles: Everything a campaign shouldn’t be
Domino’s and Subway in a War Neither is Likely to Win
A Little Pre-Halloween Madness in Chicago from Meijer
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The Formula for Successful Viral Campaigns. Not!
Still Rock the Vote Red Lipstick – What’s Up With Your Website?
Denny’s Contest Has No Entries. Dear Denny’s: We Won’t Work for Food.
Dear Bank of America: I Don’t Want a Funny Bank
Subway v Quiznos – Nobody Wins in User Generated Content War
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Cell Phone Karma
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Social Media is a Mystery in India, But Not for Long
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Study: Ad Agencies More Relevant Than Ever. Me: ROFLMAO
A Matter of Life and Death, Very Cooly Rendered
Madison Avenue Needs a Lot More Than a Wakeup Call
Kleenex Brings Fake Therapist to Times Square for Tearjerker, Gets Hosed
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Here Comes Veggievertising
Don’t Understand the Value of Blog Advertising? You Could Soon Be Asking “Would You Like Fries With That?”
Virgin Viral Campaign Players Vie for Tix to Sold-Out V Festival
Why Do Advertisers “Annoy the Shit Out of People”?
Study: Internet Not Ready for Mass Marketing
Ford Bold Moves Answers My Critique and Promises to Get Ballsy
Coke Trying to Get New Media: Like a Middle-Aged Guy Trying to Look Young and Hip
Google’s Not Better Than Ask.com, It’s Just More Popular
Ford Bold Moves Not So Bold
Ford’s “Bold Moves” Isn’t Perfect, But It’s a Great Advertorial
Technorati Providing Featured Posts and Conversations for Al Gore’s MySpace Movie Blog
Brawny Academy – Reality Check for Men in Reality Show for Women
Promo for Canadian College of English Rocks
Pjotro Becomes Music to Promote Nokia MP3 Phone
Nikon and Flickr Make Annoying “Branding” Deal
McDonald’s Has Avian Flu Campaign in the Bag
Al Gore and MySpace Team Up to Promote Climate Change Documentary. Rock On Mr. President!
Symantec Launches Safetytown. Needs to Improve Customer Service as Well as Marketing
Jeff Jarvis Misses The Boat in Ad Age Blog Ad Article
Nationwide’s Life Comes at You Fast Puts Your Name, etc. in Lights.
Top Google Results on “Chevy Tahoe” Net Negative Ads
L2: No Pro-Chevy Tahoe Ad Went Viral
Yecch! Folger’s Coffee Made From Sewer Water
Ad Industry Needs More Big Ideas
Chevy Gets the Picture Not!
Won’t It Be Funny When Chevy Tahoe Sends Cease & Desist Letters to Bloggers!
Free Food Scores for KFC in Chicken Game
GM Launches Create a Canned Commercial “Contest”
Blogs in Marketing: Small, Smart Boutiques Trump Big Ad Agencies Every Time
Rocketboom Launches Commercials TRM Won in eBay Auction
Jack Trout Says Advertising Trumps Word of Mouth
Steve’s Outfit: Click Here to Sue
ABC TV Rejects KFC Ad as Subliminal, Cuts Off its Nose to Spite its Face. Doh!
Is There a Short Cut to Building Blog Traffic?
No URLs in Many Super Bowl Ads! Doh
Super Bowl Ads: Wake Me When Madison Avenue Gets a Clue
AOL’s Anti-Internet Ad: WTF Were They Thinking?
Burger King Has a Girlfriend, and a New Viral
Million Dollar Home Page Blackmailed?
Google Video Store: The End of Commercials on TV?
NY Times and Wall St Journal Articles Bemoan the Death of Message Control
Two Pennsylvania Groundhog Sites Compete for Tourists
Time for Disgusting Ricola Mystery Cougher to Die!
Warner Brothers to Launch Viral Campaign with Buzz Machine Blog Ad
Best Beer Ad Ever — Carlton Draught Beer
Internet? Is That Some New Fangled Thing?
New Burger King Viral Creates the Requisite Controversy
Media Falls for Logoworks Viral Marketing Campaign
Virgin Mobile UK Adds New “Dog Judo” Episodes to Viral Campaign
Chevy and FOX Deceive Millions With Product Placement
Thank Goodness Charmin Doesn’t Have a Mega-Roll Blog
Publisher Creates Book Ads That Work the Way People Shop Online
Laredo Group Signs What’s Next Blog, What’s Next Newsletter for Ad Sales
NYC City Council Speaker Using Issue Websites, But a Blog Would Be Better. I’m Available to Help Miller and/or Mayor Bloomberg
Wal-Mart Fires Agency Responsible for Nazi Image Ad and PR Manager Resigns
Six Issues That Could Lead to the Collapse of Online Advertising
FCC Commissioner Recommends Policing of Fake News and Product Placement
Paris is Peeing Right Now
MarketingVox Interviews Jib Jab Founder
Wal-mart Ad Agency Makes Nazi Ad Situation Worse
Nike Creates Spectacular Integration of Marketing and Technology
Cows Invading New York May 12 — Please! No Cowracter Blog
Warner Brothers Give Paris Hilton (Blecch!) a Podcast to Promote New Movie
Wall St. Journal Still Not Understanding Blogs
Blogads’ Copeland Promotes Service With Envelope Pushing Ad Examples
Sony Spends $75K on Blog Advertising
GM Continuous Safety: Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile Ad
VW’s Suicide Bomber Ad Said to Give Good Return on Investment
Big Legged Women Back in Style Again
Crispin Porter+Bogusky Falls Into The Gap
B.L. Ochman Named Editor of Whatsnextenmesh, a Parallel Universe Blog
McCann Worldwide Site: Blue Man Meets Subservient Chicken
Vidlit — Music Videos About Books
Burger King’s Very Strange 12-Minute Chicken Fight
Mazda Pulls Fake Blog. Was It a Response to Bloggers’ Criticism?
Wizmark Gets Two Clients Who Want Their Brand Name Peed On
Advertising Week Panelist Explains Marketing’s Expendability
Gap and Turner Broadcasting Feature Sarah Jessica Parker in Online Campaigns
National Orgasm Week Promoted By Ann Summers With Viral Video
Latest Burger King Ad Ain’t No Subservient Chicken
Kellogg Serves Mercury Powered Spiderman Toy in Kids’ Cereal
Advertisers Slinging Mud Instead of Good Ideas
Danier Leather Refuses To Name Musician in Upcoming Commercial
Gawker Publishes New Nike Art of Speed Ad Blog
Danier Leather To Break Very Cool TV Ad
Democrats Sponsoring Make Your Own Ad Contest
Misguided Marketing By Car Makers Tries to Rev Up SUV Sales
Ditties: Dumb Name, Smart Tampon Marketing
Metro, NYC’s Second Free Daily, Launches With Classic PR Stunts
Survey: Consumer Ad Resistance Reaches All-Time High — PR Budgets Hurt
Ford: Cat Killed in Ad Agency’s Bowels. Yeah, Right!
Burger King’s Funky Chicken Is Cool But the Press Release Lays an Egg
Bob Dylan Is In Lady’s Underwear and Wine
Virgin Atlantic to Use Hypontherapists Onboard and Butterflies to Carry Ads
One Small Step for Man, One Giant Step For Giant Shrimp. Oy!
Cannes Ad Festival Figures Out That Marketing Should Be in the Mix. Duh.
Space: The Final Advertising Frontier?
Internet Company Offers Passion of Christ Nail Necklace
Website Offers $2500 Prize for Name of New Restaurant
NYC Hospitals in Bed With Advertisers
Pomegranate Juice Gets Prime Wall St. Journal PR Placement
Confounded Bullshit Station Still Refuses to Run MoveOn Commercial
MoveOn Mounts CBS Protest Campaign — Please Join
What Would We Do Without Professors?
You Just Can’t Hide from Internet Ads
CBS Rejects MoveOn.org Super Bowl Ad
PETA Gives Birth to Baby PETA
Top Brands Featured in Billboard Top 20 Songs
Sorry UPS, But Brown Is Not Good
PETA: Santa Can’t Come This Year
PR on Abercrombie & Fitch Racy Xmas Catalog a Mixed Bag