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bold_not.jpgFord Bold Moves has its second video online, and instead of getting stronger, the message is floundering.
“We gotta get that design mojo back,” says Mark Fields, EVP Ford Motor Company; President, The Americas. “It’ll take somebody with balls,” says Peter Horbury, Executive Director, Design, North America mechanic Cliff Sword Yup, it sure will!
There’s now a post in Community Buzz with the title Nitty Gritty Ochman in which they note that I am not crazy about the Bold Moves campaign to date because it’s a gussied up, glorified PR campaign engineered by ad agencies. And they say

“We like those ideas so much that they’ve been in the pipeline for a while, but we’re very aware that what’s in pipeline isn’t something you all can see. Expect more from us, in the meantime the comment section is there, folks, and its being read!
No other major corporation has ever attempted something like this, so as BL says in a post, we are indeed somewhat like her puppy Benny in that we are swimming “in new waters,” but unlike Benny (an adorable labradoodle, to be sure) we are going to completely immerse ourselves.”

Here’s the response I posted a couple of hours ago, which is still not on the Ford Bold Moves blog:

Hey, thanks for the press. :>)
Of course you are swimming in new waters. But like this week’s video notes, “it’ll take somebody with balls” to make this happen.
You have the chance to listen and act. Don’t get mired in corporate speak and PR crap. That’s one of the things that got Ford in this mess to start with.
And BTW, Benny learned to swim after only one try. This is week 2 of your campaign.
Trying to remain hopeful,

UPDATE: Eight hours later, my comment has still not been added to the Bold Moves Community Buzz post about me. I guess they don’t update this community element very often. Sheesh!
Update 7/11: My comment was added to Bold Moves Community Buzz this morning. Fast by corporate standards I guess. But isn’t Bold Moves about learning to move faster?