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Clueless ad agencies Archives

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Girl Scout Cookies at Pot Clinic; Hot Pockets Bad Meat; Groupon’s Presidents Day Goof
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A very personal response to Hyundai’s “Pipe Job” – the most disgusting car ad EVER
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Why You Can’t Make Marketing Go Viral, Redux
A cure for boring marketing and white paper detritus
No, QR Codes are not dead. But some of the stupid ways they’re used should be killed.
Want more Twitter followers? A Google+ invite? More Facebook Likes? They’re all for sale on eBay.
gapingvoid advertising advice :>)
What’s Next Blog Study (Part 2): Many of the Fortune 50 face potential reputation issues on Facebook Community Pages (and you might also)
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Study: Dear Ad Agencies: If the creative sucks, nothing else matters
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Debunking Five Myths About Blog Advertising
Mars Candy Sends Women Seeking New ‘Fling’ to Porn Site. Ooops!
A Sci-Fi Marketing Nightmare for the Recession
Skittles: Everything a campaign shouldn’t be
Hilarious, the New Hype Word of the Week?
How to Make a Video Contest Succeed – or Suck
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Still Rock the Vote Red Lipstick – What’s Up With Your Website?
10 Tips On How To Make Your Video Go Viral
BankWest – Did You Actually Pay Someone for This?
Subway v Quiznos – Nobody Wins in User Generated Content War
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Social Media Marketing: Who’s Full of Hot Air? Who’s The Real Deal?
Doc Martens, So Ugly They’re Beautiful, Longing to Be Cool Again
In Case You Live Under a Rock… Apple Says iPhone Is Here
Dove’s Sleeveless Ready Campaign – File Under WTF
How to Waste $20 Million on the Internet: Call TBWA/Chiat/Day
Madison Avenue Needs a Lot More Than a Wakeup Call
Kleenex Brings Fake Therapist to Times Square for Tearjerker, Gets Hosed
Truth in Ad Sales: Brilliant, and, Sadly, Spot On
What Would We Do Without Studies?
Super Bowl Ads, Yawn, Range From Tepid to Just Plain Dull
Big Brands in Second Life Attracting Few – If Any – Visitors
OfficeMax Launches Droll Interactive Campaign to Sell Pens
Fake MySpace Pages by Advertisers Are Totally Lame
Temperature in Second Life: Hot, Hot Hot
Do We Have to Cut Dell and Ford Some Slack? Frankly, No
Ford Bold Moves Answers My Critique and Promises to Get Ballsy
Ford Bold Moves Not So Bold
Ford’s “Bold Moves” Isn’t Perfect, But It’s a Great Advertorial
Coke/Mentos Videos: An Important Lesson for Every Brand
Nikon and Flickr Make Annoying “Branding” Deal
Jeff Jarvis Misses The Boat in Ad Age Blog Ad Article
Top Google Results on “Chevy Tahoe” Net Negative Ads
L2: No Pro-Chevy Tahoe Ad Went Viral
Ad Industry Needs More Big Ideas
Chevy Gets the Picture Not!
Free Heinekin Beer for Review
Levi’s Moonbathing Campaign: Another Agency That Doesn’t Get It

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