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Levis_2006_moonbathe.jpgLevi’s has launched a new European campaign, Moonbathing, which lets users have some input, but doesn’t fully engage them the way it might.
Aimed at 15 to 24 year-olds, the site lets users type in copy about what they did last night. You type in what you did last night, and the next time you view the Moonbathing movie, your content is supposed to show. Mine didn’t. You can click to read other people’s stories, but I couldn’t get them to change content. They just changed size and order.
Here they are aiming at a generation who creates polished videos for YouTube and other sites, and they’re not letting them be truly part of the creative.
What’s with so-called interactive ad agencies? Do they really still believe they can control the message? Wake up you guys! The people are really, really smart. Let them loose!