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Given that the results are completely predictable, I am amazed that there is always at least one Twitter #hashtag debacle to cover in every episode of The Beyond Social Media Show.

Twitter #Hashtag failures like these make me wish I could be a fly on the wall at some of the meetings where ideas like these are approved.

Here are three of #hashtag #fails we covered in episode 123 of Beyond Social Media Show:

#ThisIsEgypt Tourism Twitter Campaign

Egypt’s tourism authorities launched a new promotional ad campaign, featuring a whimsical video showing the country’s rich diversity. It ends encouraging viewers to share the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt.

And surprise, surprise, it backfired, perhaps because of terrorism, extremist violence, a government that tortures people, etc. etc.
We discussed a similar campaign – which had similar results – by the Syrian government’s tourism organization in October. The theme of that one was “fun in the sun.”

IBM #HackaHairDryer Twitter Campaign

In a ham-handed attempt at interesting more women in tech, IBM asked women to re-engineer hairdryers. (Doh!)

They pulled the campaign a few days later when accused of sexism. Several female engineers said they were too busy working on things like robotics and DNA sequencing to play with hair dryers.

#AskLaneBryant Twitter Chat

Lane Bryant’s “ask me anything” Twitter chat prompted replies like:

  • “Why do you hire thin women to work in yr stores and then apparently encourage them to tell me about how “slimming” stuff is?”
  • “Why do you refer to your customers as “Real Women” as if slender women are somehow imaginary?”

Wondering: were they surprised at the responses?