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UPDATE: 7:55pm
Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.00.31 PMLooks like this whole controversy may have been GoDaddy’s ham-handed attempt to call attention to the contest they are running with Buddy as their new mascot. It’s an old, tired and offensive tactic. But hey, Buddy’s adorable, and in the end effect this is just another big, stupid GoDaddy social media #Fail. GoDaddy made its name on controversial ads.

UPDATE: GoDaddy pulled the ad!7:05 pm

Every pet lover on the planet, and there are gazillions of us, is going to hate GoDaddy for this idiotic, puppy-abusing ad that they are going to run on the Super Bowl.

Watch the ad, and then then call Elizabeth Discoll, GoDaddy Vice President for Public Relations, voicemail (480) 505-8878 and let her know what you think of the ad.

Who the hell was their producer? Michael Vick?

Within hours, 25,000 40,000 signed the petition for GoDaddy not to run it – and the count is sure to rise astronomically as the word spreads. Please sign and re-share on all social platforms.

Whether or not it’s meant to be satirical, GoDaddy’s ad is offensive. And stupid.

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl ad encourages selling and buying animals online, where a puppy could be sold to someone who abuses animals, runs a fighting ring, is a hoarder, or who simply doesn’t know what kind of time, effort and money is involved in raising a healthy puppy. Animal abuse is, quite simply, not a laughing matter.

I am going to move my 50+ domains off GoDaddy if they don’t take this ad out of the SuperBowl.