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armpit.pngI’m all for Dove’s campaign for real beauty and the real women they use in their ads as self-esteem builders. But the “Are You Sleeveless Ready?” campaign that says their deodorant will make your armpits prettier is just bizarre.
File it under who gives a fu*k about armpits. Kids are getting blown up in Iraq every day. Our president is intellectually challenged. Children are starving. Jeez!
Dove, you need to get a grip.
If Dove’s armpit advice was presented with even an inkling of a sense of humor, like, say Remington’s celebration of pubic beauty, or Phillips’ Bodygroom Shave Everywhere, that would be a different story. But this is presented as an issue of genuine concern. The only thing missing is the armpit hair blog and the armpit shaving YouTube video. Lame, lame, lame.
So much of advertising and marketing takes itself so deadly seriously. Haven’t agencies noticed yet that people are ignoring the vast majority of their campaigns?
Or am I just grumpy?