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videofire.pngWill Video for Food’s “10 Tips for a Viral Video Hail Mary” sounds so much like what a lot of agencies do it’s scary. Highlights of his tips:

“Here’s what you should do to get viral, stupid marketers and agencies.
1. Spend an assload of money. Put most of it to banner ads that promote your video, but spend at least $250,000 on the production. Only don’t make it look highly produced. Use a $100 video camera and crappy lighting.
9. Be sure your agency knows the space. That means if they’ve ever shot a video to stream on your product site, then they know viral video. It’s that easy.”

Here’s some more advice: Don’t email bloggers to tell them you’ve just released a viral video. Steve Hall at adrants nailed it when he wrote:

“Please find the attached viral.” Seriously? Seriously? Could that be any more 2006? Or was it 2005? Wake up people! For those still asleep, let us offer a bit of help. Repeat 300 times, slap yourself on the forehead, repeat. “A viral is not a viral until it has become a viral. Viral is a result, not an intent. Just because I call something viral does not mean it will become a viral.”