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nikon.jpgBy B.L. Ochman In a remarkable display of ad agency cluelessness and short-sightedness on the part of photo-sharing community site Flickr, a branding deal has been struck between Flickr and Nikon.
Flickr, which currently carries only Yahoo search ads, made a deal to place Nikon branding on the site, including small NIkon logos next to pictures taken with the cameras, and to have special Nikon-only photo galleries.
People who pay $24.95 a year for a Flickr Pro account are promised ad-free browsing and sharing with the caveat

“Because large surges in bandwidth can be very expensive, we reserve the right to serve ads on your photo pages when viewed by non-members of Flickr in extreme cases.”

Remains to be seen whether this will be considered an extreme case. KaChing!
Seems like a pretty hair-brained scheme to me. Even people who use Nikon cameras won’t want little Nikon logos all over their photos.
UPDATE: Nikon’s PR firm, MWW, says Flickr Pro accounts will only see the annoying little icons until they log in to their paid accounts.