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With so many agencies & brands still scratching their heads about what to do with GooglePlus, several fashion brands have partnered with Google to create the Shoppable GooglePlus Hangout app.

2014 is going to be the year of GooglePlus. GooglePlus is, as I’ve said before, the biggest change in online communication since the interactive website. Agencies and brands that don’t embrace it will soon be left in the dust by those who do. Do follow Fashion Mag to make your own style.

Shoppable Hangouts on Air
The Shoppable Hangout app was developed by the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA) with Google and Diane vonFurstenberg, who has also created unprecedented experiences through Google Hangouts and Google Glass. vonFurstenberg did the first-ever Shoppable Hangout on Air on Oct 3, 2013.

Wearable cameras on hosts
Designers or retailers can publicly broadcast a multi-person video chat about their products while customers simultaneously browse a curated selection of products available for purchase online, exclusively through the HOA. The app, CFDA noted, helps retailers engage with consumers directly around key items or trends they want to highlight.

Rag & Bone, Rebecca Minkoff and Rachel Zoe have also presented Shoppable Hangouts. Most recently, Topman presented a Shoppable Hangout of its Fall 2014 collection.

Viewers of the Topman Shoppable Hangout watched as the hosts brought them behind the scenes of the catwalk show as they interviewed celebrities and models. They also saw a live stream of the Topman Design Show and could shop the looks directly from the hangout.

Topman also placed wearable cameras on all the hosts, including exclusive ambassadors, Topman Personal Shoppers, street style photographer Jonathan Pryce and the fashion show production team, to capture all their activities during the day.

Fashion Brands Rocking G+
Several top fashion brands have been early adopters of GooglePlus, which is interesting because the fashion industry has been among the last to effectively use websites and social media as more than broadcast mediums.

H&M has more than 3.5 million GooglePlus followers. Hugo Boss, with more than 2.5 million followers, uses their page less as an ad medium and more as a luxury lifestyle guide.

Burberry Kisses
Burberry KissesIn June, Burberry, which has 3.5 million followers on G+, partnered with Google to create a Burberry Kisses app and website to let people capture their kisses by direct contact with their touch screen device, adding a personalized message and send on to friends across the globe.

During the campaign there was 253,000 search results for “Burberry Kisses” on Within the first 10 days of the campaign going live, 13,000 cities sent a kiss and a total of 109 million miles were traveled by kisses as of June 25 2013.

With Google’s partnership, Burberry effectively combined Google+, mobile, websites and advertising for its creative campaign.

Ignore what these brands and Google are doing at your peril.