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skittles.pngIn the right hands, social media has enormous potential to create brand awareness, sales, and brand evangelists. In the wrong hands, oy vey!
Today, those clueless wonders at created quite a stir by turning the Skittles homepage into Twitter search results about Skittles (increasingly unfavorable by the way). Along the way they forgot that Skittles is a freaking candy. Something you eat, for fun. ripped off Modernista, whose recent campaign was so avant garde that I have no idea what they do. There also are three lame videos on YouTube that have nothing to do with why you should eat Skittles.
You know who is: they’re famous for a video in which they made fools of themselves while pitching Subway.

Then they launched a campaign for British Airways featuring a transvestite flight attendant who throws tomato juice on a passenger.
Noting that ripped off Modernista, Adrants calls the campaign “ballsy!” But the only thing that’s cool about this campaign is the cash that was spent on it.
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