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scifi.pngI am a fly on the wall at a meeting at the Sci-Fi Channel. The branding agency is explaining why the station should change the name that has built its brand for the past 16 years to SyFy.
The Agency said:
And now, our presentation on why the Sci-Fi Channel needs to spend a gazillion dollars to change its name to SyFy
1- SyFy is more than an unintelligible word. It creates an ownable and extendable brand for the future – it’s in the press release!
2- Since we’ve removed “Channel” from the name, you will no longer need to associate with your outre core product, television.
3- The names are phonetically identical so all you have to do is spend a gazillion dollars changing all your stationary, business cards, advertising, signage, trade show booths, uniforms, tsotchkes, employee IDs – have we left out anything you need to change?
4- Your new slogan “Imagine greater” will confuse anyone who is not confounded by the nonsense word, SyFy, which is also non-spellable.
5- We’re in a recession. This is a great time to spend a lot of money on meaningless froufrou. Austerity is for sissies!
6- Our core audience can view trying to find us online as a new and surreal voyage – they love that!
7- To make sure nobody can find your online, “An aggressive trade marketing campaign will kick off this spring. will assume the URL at that time.”
8- Our agency needs the money.
Any questions?