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Jeff Jarvis writes in Ad Age about how bloggers and advertisers “can finally hook up.” (Password required. Use Bugmenot: user name –, password – lusers)
Jarvis is very knowledgeable about blogging and blog content, but the article doesn’t mention that he’s ever created or placed blog advertising. That should be a requirement for writing an article on the topic.
Among Jarvis’ recommendations:

Systems of trust: “Some direct-response advertisers may be fine with their ads appearing most anywhere… But brand advertisers must protect their reputations.”

That lets ad agencies, the vast majority of which are clueless about blogs and blog advertising, off the hook far too easily. Ad agencies need to learn read blogs and learn what they cover and how they cover it. Then they can advise brand advertisers on how to protect their reputations. It will not happen by osmosis.
Having created and run an extremely successful blog advertising for the Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt, I found blogads’ metrics and mechanics extremely easy and accurate to use. We were able to get .857% clickthru on the blogads network, Gizmodo and BoingBoing. We could test, measure results in real time, and edit the ads online. Show me a traditional medium where you can do that.
Confusion about blog advertising is not a metrics problem, it’s:
– ad agency cluelessness,
– client fear,
– and the fact that a lot of pioneers get shot.
Astoundingly, nobody at Ad Age thought that anyone needed to talk to experienced blog advertisers. By B.L. Ochman
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