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stilla.pngStilla Cosmetics has teamed up with Rock the Vote to create a limited edition of a new red lipstick and encourage women to register to vote. The site says “a percentage of the sales of this shade will go to Rock the Vote.”
Dear Stilla: This is a great idea. But what’s up with your website?
What percentage goes to Rock the Vote? All About the Pretty says “25% of proceeds from the first 500 sold will be donated to Rock the Vote in support of their efforts to mobilize young people to get involved in the political process.” Why isn’t that mentioned anywhere on the site? Why a limited edition? Don’t you to sell millions so many women will register to vote? And why only give a percentage of the first 500 sales to Rock the Vote? Don’t you want to go all the way for the cause? Why bother otherwise?
Why would I have to create an account just to buy your stuff? What if I don’t want to give you my email but I just want to buy some lipstick? You make me opt out of email, not opt in. That’s so 1995. I get as many as 600 emails a day. I don’t want any more email. I just want some lipstick.
And why does your home page say “Free Shipping” when you only get free shipping if you spend more than $50?
I love Stilla cosmetics, but I’ll never buy them online until it’s easy to shop on your site. Click.