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Politics Archives

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BL Ochman for President
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It’s The Economy, Stupid
Old-School Pols Running 2008 Campaigns Still Missing the Social Media Boat
McLovin’s “Declare Yourself” Register to Vote Video Has 600,000 Views
Crucial Social Media Marketing Eludes Presidential Candidates
User-Generated YouTube Draft Bloomberg Videos Are Multiplying, But Dull
Still Doubt the Blogosphere’s Influence on the Election? Listen to This ABC TV Coverage
Online Support of Bloomberg for President Heating Up
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Musicians Band Together for No Nukes Redux as New Nuclear Plants Loom
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Les Temps They Are a Changin
Solution for Presidential Campaign Anxiety Also Works for Apathy
Google Public Policy Blog To Cover Internet Issues in a “Googley way”
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Is No Comment The Right Response to User Created Campaign Videos?
YouTube Election 2008 – Both Parties Have a Lot to Learn
Hillary Got Off a Funny Line In Last Night’s Debate
Hillary’s YouTube Mashup is Brilliant, and So Is Bill for First Lady.com
Ron Paul Calls His Press Room a Blog. Yawn.
Food Contamination Issues Move Through Human Food Chain and Still No Protests
Smart Marketing: Hillary Clinton Has Gone to the Dogs, and Cats
New Yorker Hoses Edelman in Article on Wal-Mart PR
Hillary 1984 Creator Outed, Falls on His Sword
Scary Enough for You?
President Gore: Please Become a Fat Blogger
Are Bloggers Too Dumb to Know If Commenters are Shills?
The Marketing of the Anti-War Movement and a New Presidential Run
Breaking news: President Bush plans to bring the troops home on JetBlue
OMG! I Agree With Newt Gingrich
Don’t Blame Melissa McEwan. Blame John Edwards. He’s a Wimp
Giuliani Team’s Lack of Online Smarts Causes Sticky Web
Social Media From Obama and Clinton: The Real Thing or Just Marketing Ploys?
Iranian Bloggers Discuss Their Prison Experiences
MoveOn: Times Used the Wrong Word in Headline on Iraq Troop Escalation
Bulldog Reporter: Finger Not on the Pulse
Record Turnout of Young Voters May Have Swung Election Results
Vote! Or Shut Up
Republican’s Anti-Democratic Robocalls Spreading Nationwide
President Bush: I Tend Not to email
Tell ABC Not to Air Its Untrue 9/11 Docudrama
What Right Wingers See When They Read The NY Times
Kinky Friedman, a Politician With an Online Community and a Sane Energy Plan
We Couldn’t Have a Worse Administration Running the Show
Judge: Reporters Will Need to Act Like Drug Dealers
Pentagon’s PR Machine and Baseball Game Text Messages
Bloomberg for President? Bloomberg2008.com & Bloomberg4President.com Are Registered
Mark Green Enlists His 22 Year-Old Son to Produce YouTube Channel
Bush Pilot Explains It All to Us
Wikipedia Founder Calls for Wiki Style Politics
Scores of Celebrities Join Troops Home Fast Hunger Strike to End Iraq War
City Sued to End ALL Off-Leash Priviliges for Dogs
Dan Rather to Join Mark Cuban’s HD Net. Eat Your Heart Out CBS. You Blew It.
The fake troops in Bush’s new ad
Pelosi Site Yanks “Blogging 101” Tips After Kingston (R-GA) Links to Them
White House Spokesman Scott McClellan Going to Work for His Mom’s Campaign for Texas Gov?
Scott McClellan: The Flak With the World’s Worst Job
Tasteful Pins and Buttons Available at ITMFA
Anonymous Iraqi Blogger Nominated for Major Literary Prize
President Bush, in His Charming English-Challenged Style, Acknowledges Blogs as Communication Catalyst
White House Spin Machine Imploding?
Cheney Jokes, Like Quail’s Press Conference, Abound
Quailgate: Covering Up for Drinking and Shooting
Gaaagle: An Artful Protest of Google Censorship
Freeway Blogger’s “Iraq: The Musical” on Huffington Post
BBC: US Plans to “fight the net” Revealed
Eunuch Chinese Version of Google: “Do No Evil” Forgotten
Chinese Blogger Mounts Anti-MSN Spaces Protest
NY Times and WSJ Finally Cover Microsoft Shutdown of Chinese Blogger
Scoble Challenges Microsoft Again on Chinese Blogger Censorship
Credit Card Company Holiday Offers Come With Loan Shark Interest Rates
Why Aren’t Our Schools Teaching About the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
A Photo Begging for a Caption
Constitutional Rights of Editor Suspended in St Louis
Heads Up: Where There’s a Will, There’s Still a Way
DeLay Indicted. Bush Distances Himself Immediately
Kerry Releases Advance Speech Transcript to Public and Press Simultaneously
Outing: Citizen Phnotographers Will Ignore FEMA
Ragan Communications Finds a Deep Throat Blogger for Government Flacks
Hilary Clinton Gets the Internet: Backs Access@Home
Listen Up Mayor Bloomberg: You Need a Blog
Viral Email: We Can Dream, Can’t We
Time for Rove’s Perp Walk Yet?
Blogosphere to NY Times: Five Days
A Sad Day for Democracy: NY Times Reporter Ordered Jailed
Ex CNN Reporter Rebecca MacKinnon: English Language Blogs Have Narrow World View
The Marketing of the Iraq War Sucks
Pentagon Hires Marketing Firm to Create High School Student Database
Robert Scoble’s Way Cool Surrender on China
NYC City Council Speaker Using Issue Websites, But a Blog Would Be Better. I’m Available to Help Miller and/or Mayor Bloomberg
Scoble Embroiled in PR Firestorm Over China Statements
MoveOn.Org Mobilizing to Save NPR and PBA from Congressional Budget Cuts. Sign the Petition. This Time It’s For Real
Chinese Government Cracks Down on Bloggers, Requires Registration
New York City Leaders Need to Blog
The Official Search for David Koch is Ended. Why?
List of Leftist and Progressive Blogs
Supremes: High Times Over for Medical Pot Smokers
Facts Beneath 911 Funding Flap Are Fetid
FCC Commissioner Recommends Policing of Fake News and Product Placement
MoveOn.Org Still Can Move Members to Grassroots Action With Email As Principal Tool
Write Your Own Bush Caption
Politicians Blogging Like “Real Human Beings”
Bloggers Cover Bush Press Conference With Good Typing and Inuendo
Left Wing Political BlogsTrouncing Right’s Page Rankings
FCC Holding Hearings on Proposed Blog Regulation
“Congress shall make no law …. abridging freedom of speech …”
Blogger Calls Administration Liars But AP Won’t Use the “L” Word
Hilary in Can’t Wait for 2008 Spoof Video
Tom DeLay Just Another Whoring Politician
Bring the Body Bag Count Back to TV News to Make Iraq War Real
Republican PR Machine Trounces Dems on Schiavo Issue
Repugnant T-Shirt of the Week
Canadian Blogger Jeremy Wright Refused Entry at US Border
PR Firms and TV Stations Should Share the Blame in Bush Administration’s Video News Release Propaganda
Comparing Graff to Gannon is Like Comparing Fluffy Bunny to Chuckie
Papers Refuse to Run Boondocks Cartoon About Bush Drug Use
Maureen Dowd: She’s Denied White House Press Pass While Gay Right Winger Gannon Gets His
Vice President Cheney Dresses Down for Holocaust Memorial
How To Choose Among The Greatest Medicare Advantage Plans
Bush Family’s Hook Em Horns During Coronation Has Deaf People Snickering
Jay Rosen, PR Bloggers and the Williams Flap. Yawn.
Howard Dean Announces Candidacy for DC Chairmanship. Will Traditional Media Give Him a Fair Shake?
BuyBlue.Org Reveals Who Gave What to Whom
Sorry Everybody Website Produces Book and Concerts
Kerik Withdrawal Cooks Giuliani’s 2008 Presidential Chances
Green Party’s Full-Page New York Times Ad Targets Depressed Democrats
Jesus Speaks Through Republicans: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid
Politics Is Nothing But Marketing
Did Democrats Concede Too Early? There’s a Movement Afoot to Find Out
World View of US Presidential Election
Kerry Won…
There’s Still Intelligent Life in the Universe
Count the Votes! 225,000 Votes Outstanding in Ohio
A Banner Year for Political Bloggers
Osama Tape Mystery: Two Versions of Transcript Differ
Two More Reasons to Vote: Superbugs and Big Drug Companies
Vote or Die
Eminem’s Mosh Music Video is Deeply Affecting
Name The October Surprise Website Gets 3,000 Guesses
Bubba’s Back! Sing Halelulah!
Bush Administration Brain Dead on Explosives Disappearance
Bush Yoga Combines Political Spoof with Voter Registration Drive
Web is Awash in Political Spoofs As Election Day Approaches
Ralph Nader Shocker
Cheney Debate Blooper Proves Power of PR
“This Land” Creators Debut New Political Spoof on the Tonight Show
Cheney’s Blunder Drives Traffic to Soros’ Anti-Bush Site
Vice Presidential Debate: If Looks Could Kill, Cheney’s Would
Spokes-man for Wounded Warrior Project
Ah-nold the Bobbleheaded Litigator, Could Be President Schwarzenegger. Oy vey!
Bush: “Keeping America Scared” Now Showing in Blogosphere
Votergasm: Bribing Non-Voters With Sex
Mandatory Draft Bills Before Both Houses — Where’s Kerry? Traditional Media?
Chinese Falun Gong Followers Stage Harrowing Demonstration at NY City Hall
President Bush Loses Heart
Think You’re Registered to Vote? You May Be Wrong
Iraq Casualty’s Mom Arrested as Protester at Laura Bush Speech
Infidels Not Welcome at Six Flags Great Muslim Adventure Day
Let’s Play Name the World Leader
Satan for Bush — One of the Best Political Ads Yet
Beans to Be Spilled On Bush Guard Service. Yeeeehaw!
Rep. Ed Schrock (R-Va.) Resigns After Blogger Outs Him
Margaret Cho: Bush Is Not Hitler – Yet
Republicans Not Welcome To Protest RNC Celebration of Johnny Cash
Paris Hilton Calls For End to Swift Boat Flap
New Yorkers Give Republican Convention a Bronx Cheer
Swift Boat Skipper: Kerry Critics Wrong
Roaches For Raid
Why Your Bank is Wasting Your Time: Thank the Patriot Act
Sad Day for James McGreevey and Family
Latest Bush Freudian Slip Rings True
Springsteen Headlines MoveOn Vote for Change Tour
More Than 200 Major Business Leaders Announce Their Endorsement of Kerry
Fisher-Price Florida Voting Device
Internet Week: Convention Bloggers Legitimized New Medium
PR Coup As Michael Moore Sings “America The Beautiful” On Tonight Show
Kerry in Space Suit: Big Fu*king Deal
Bloggers Bring Sea Change to Political Reporting
Blogger’s Convention Coverage Off to a Flying Start
Gawker Gets Down to It at the Dem Convention
9/11 Commission Hires Edelman PR for Media Campaign
“This Land” Cartoon Provides Equal Opportunity Offending and Laughs
Extraordinary Online Museum Exhibit Offers Political Ads From 1952 – 2004
Hilary Clinton Will Play The Little Woman at Democratic Convention
Armey’s Army Jumping In Bed With Spoiler Ralph Nader
Bettors On Three Sites Say US Presidential Election Will Be Close
15,000 MoveOn Volunteers Register 15,000 New Voters In Three Hours
Sam’s in the Daily News Today, But The Quote’s Left Out
15,000 Reporters Covering Democratic Convention
Worldwide Exclusive! President Bush Helps Make Sam Famous!
NY Post Picks The Wrong Pony for Kerry
President Bush Sends My Dog A Victory 2004 Membership Card
30,000 Attend MoveOn.Org House Parties to Hear Michael Moore Speak
Holy News Coup Batman! Blogger Scoops All Media With Early Iraq Handover Story
Mexican Town Finds Perfect Politician
Fahrenheit 9/11: Great Content That Needs a Good Editor
Dick Cheney’s Potty Mouth
Nearly 300 Clinton Books Selling on eBay
What Republicans Have to Believe
Dems Mount Kick Bush Back to Crawford Flash Game
Democrats Sponsoring Make Your Own Ad Contest
Reagan Was No JFK
MoveOn.Org Seeks to Brand the Defeat Bush Movement
Citizen Journalists Change Worldwide War Perception With Digital Cameras
Andy Borowitz: White House Response Shocker
Only Sherlock Holmes Could Find MTV Young Voter Campaign
You Gotta Love Ed Koch
Company Says Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn Rule is Bull
Bush Camp Forgets That College Students Vote
Fundrace: New Way to Spy on Neighbors
MoveOn Activist Joins Kerry Campaign
White House Economic News
You Gotta Love Al Sharpton
911 Panel Testimony Nothing But Another Con(di) Deal By Bush
Daddy Bush Defends His Boy
Comedian Has Another Reason to Support Kerry
What Would We Do Without Jon Stewart?
WMD Just a Big Joke to Bush
Democrats and Republicans Having Fun Slinging Streaming Video
NY Times’ Paul Krugman Defends Richard Clarke
Bill Maher: Lay Off Rumsfeld and His 9/11 Memento
Chinese Government Shuts Down Two Major Blog Portals
NY Times’ Friedman Catches Rumsfeld in Blatant “Face The Nation” Lie
Not Good Enough: Dean Sort of Endorses Kerry
Ready for an Outer Space Vacation? Legislation Governing Space Tourism Passes The House
Questions Bush Doesn’t Want to Hear
Parodies of Bush 911 Exploitation Ad Already Online
Bush 9/11 Ad A Vile Exploitation. And It’s Only His First Volley
Libertarian Writer Says Ralph Nader ‘s PIRGs Are Ripping Off Payers of College Tuition
Ralph Nader Has Lost It
NYU Professor Launches Anti-Bush Performance
“Free Speech Zones” to Prevent Free Speech at 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston
Any Port in a Storm
MoveOn.Org Uses Email to Generate 4,000 Visits to Ask Congressmen and Senators to Censure Bush
Matt Drudge Needs to Get His Nose Out of Democrats’ Pants
Is Kerry’s Armor Teflon? Is Matt Drudge Lying?
Who Gets Your Email Address When Your Candidate Drops Out?
Ralph Don’t Run!
Flash! Not Everyone at CBS is Unconscious: Kudos to CBS News
CBS Super Bowl Decisions Dumber Than Armadillos
Confounded Bullshit Station Still Refuses to Run MoveOn Commercial
CBS Press Release Defends Its Political Censorship of MoveOn Ad
MoveOn Mounts CBS Protest Campaign — Please Join
Professor Says the Media Was Hysterical, Not Dean
MoveOn.Org’s New PR Firm Issues Rambling 674-Word Release
Publicity Helps Get Jailed Iranian Blogger Freed
CBS Rejects MoveOn.org Super Bowl Ad
11 Top US Papers Ignoring Cheney’s Pending Bribery Investigation
Let’s Send W to Mars
Howard Dean Songs to Get Elected By
Star Spangled Ice Cream for Conservatives With The Munchies
Comedian Lenny Bruce Posthumously Pardoned by Gov. Pataki
Dean to Internet As FDR to Radio, JFK to TV
The Ugly Side of Viral Marketing