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John Kerry has emailed a link to everyone on his mailing list for transcript of a speech about the impact of Hurricane Katrina that he will make in a few hours at Brown University.
By giving news to the people at the same time it goes to the press, true transparency (jeez that word is getting tired) is achieved.
Here’s the gist of what Kerry will say:
“…there’s every reason to believe the President finally acted on Katrina and admitted a mistake only because he was held accountable by the press, cornered by events, and compelled by the outrage of the American people, who with their own eyes could see a failure of leadership and its consequences.
Natural and human calamity stripped away the spin machine, creating a rare accountability moment, not just for the Bush administration, but for all of us to take stock of the direction of our country and do what we can to reverse it. That’s our job — to turn this moment from a frenzied expression of guilt into a national reversal of direction.
This is the Katrina administration.
So realistically, I’m sure you’re wondering: How do I change all this? What can I do? The answer is simple: … it’s to speak out so loudly that Washington has no choice but to make choices worthy of this great country – choices worthy of the sacrifice of our neighbors in the Gulf Coast and our troops all around the world.”