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Blogger Garrett M. Graff of media bistro’s Fish Bowl made Internet history when he became the first blogger to post from the White House briefing room this week. Now right wing news media and bloggers are criticizing his liberal political leanings.
What’s the problem? Graff’s politics are completely out in the open. Not like Jeff Gannon’s the White House shill who bloggers outed as a gay prostitute.
Graff works EchoDitto, “a politically “progressive” Internet consulting firm that has liberal politicians and activist groups as clients.” He blogs for MediaBistro, an organization of journalists. Fishbowl is “a gossip blog about Washington, D.C. media.” Graff also is the former deputy national press secretary for Howard Dean’s failed 2004 presidential campaign. So what?
Graff says, “The simple answer is: My blog doesn’t cover politics … I think that you would be hard pressed to read through the … the blog and really see it take any sort of political take at all. … it’s a blog about journalism.”

Fellow blogger Ana Marie Cox, editor of, penned a faux congratulatory post, stating that, “As we’ve said, we’d like to see more gay hookers in the gaggle, not fewer, and blogging is about as close to turning tricks one can come without actually making any money,” Cox wrote, a reference to former Talon News White House correspondent Gannon.