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draftbloomberg.pngAs I’ve said before, there’s no candidate, Democratic or Republican, running for President that I can support. It’s all the same old story, power grabs by inexperienced Obama, and more-of-the-same Hillary (at least with her, we get Bill as Secretary of State) to Guiliani, who seems like a truly unprincipled man.

My dream team is Bloomberg and Gore, but Gore’s not likely to run. Bloomberg is, however, and I’m joining his growing online support. I’ll be as transparent about what I’m doing as I possibly can, but I can’t tell you everything I know. I hope my readers will understand and accept that.

I’m interested in politics from a marketing point of view, and in the role social media marketing will play in this election, and that’s the view from which I intend to cover it.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned recently is that a candidate has until 90 days before the election to get on the ballot. With Michael Bloomberg’s money, and resources, he can certainly get the necessary signatures. Bloomberg has little public charisma, but I’m pretty sick of charismatic politicians. I want one who can run the country with a steady hand on the wheel and be beholden to nobody. In my view, that’s Mike Bloomberg for President in 2008.

I have that sinking feeling about mainstream media and the 2008 presidential candidates, and I increasingly distrust everything they say and do. Hillary bashing has quickly become mainstream media sport, and we’re on our way to an updated smear campaign like the ones we’ve seen in every election from Senator Thomas Eagleton’s depression in 1972 to the Dean Scream that stupidly did in his candidacy.

Screw that! It’s time for change.

Here are some interesting places to follow what’s happening online, and I’ll keep adding to the list as the movement grows: – which calls itself the official home of the Draft Bloomberg 2008 Committee

There are two major Facebook Groups, Bloomberg in 08 and Mike Bloomberg for President
I belong to both.

Scott Adams declared for Bloomberg on his blog yesterday

There’s even an anonymously posted (by a Republican?) viral video making the rounds