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With his ass on the line, why isn’t John Kerry making noise about the mandatory draft bills that are before the Senate and the House right now? Why isn’t traditional media reporting on the issue? A mandatory draft certainly could become necessary as Bush and Cheney’s war rages on. Yet, reading the papers and watching the news, one would think the biggest election issue of the election was Kerry’s lack of charisma.
KITV News in Hawaii reports today that GOP Congressional candidate Dalton Tanonaka is criticizing Hawaii’s Senior U.S. Sen. Dan Inouye (Democrat) for saying it is likely the draft will be reinstated if President George W. Bush is re-elected. Hello! Where is CBS? NBC? FOX? CNN?
Seems to me that if America’s wounded, maimed and dead soldiers from Iraq weren’t hidden from public view, opposition to the war, and the draft, would doubtless be a lot louder. And I bet more people would be asking “So where’s Osama Bin Laden?” Remember him? The guy behind 911? The one who, as Jay Leno pointed out, is 6’4″ tall and traveling through the desert with a dialysis machine?

Two identical bills, entitled the Universal National Service Act of 2003, were recently introduced into the House (H.R. 163) and the Senate (S.89) If passed, the bills would mandate a two-year national service obligation, with very few exceptions, for every US citizen and permanent resident aged 18 to 26.
Think about a Republican president and a Republican-controlled Congress and wonder WHY the media is not making a draft Page One news. (Read the House Bill R163 here.)