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By B.L. Ochman @whatsnext

Donald Trump’s Tweets can move markets. The free iOS Finance app Trigger lets you know if one of the companies in which you hold stock comes into his crosshairs.

The company has introduced a special “Trump Trigger.” The trigger “gives you the ability to trade stocks based off of Trump’s tweets about public companies,” they write. Basically, says the company blog, the trigger works by notifying you in real time if Trump tweets about a publicly traded stock that you own.

Help for Individual Investors

Trump has tweeted about companies from Apple to Amazon to AT&T — and that’s just the A’s. In some cases, such as when Trump blasted Boeing for the cost of a new Air Force One jet, the aerospace company’s stock immediately fell nearly 2%.

While professional investors have the tools and algorithms to stay on top of market moves, Trigger says, “individual investors do not have the appropriate tools to react in an automatic fashion – until now.”

Beyond simple “IF this, THEN that rules”, using techniques in natural language processing, the company says it wants to help individual investors make more rational decisions by having better information.