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It seems there is not a politician alive who somebody can’t dig up some dirt about. Mud is now flying towarrd Ralph Nader.
Journalist Radley Balko writes on The Braden Files that Ralph Nader, “the same man who rails against corporate welfare – because it coercively takes money from taxpayers and funnels it to corporations – has set up a rather ingenious, if underhanded and manipulative, way of coercively taking money from college kids – and funneling it to Ralph Nader.”
Radley, a 28 year-old writer who describes himself as a classical liberal or libertarian, explains that Public Interest Research Groups (PIRG), which have well over a hundred chapters spread out across the country, get anywhere from three to eight dollars every time a kid registers for classes at many colleges where the local PIRG chapter has arranged with the school to tack a fee on to his/her tuition.

Radley, a policy analyst with the Libertarian Cato Institute a public policy research foundation, a contributor to e-newsletter Tech Central Station and a bi-weekly columnist for, claims that “on about 1/3 of the state college campuses in New York State, a student’s PIRG contribution is mandatory and nonrefundable. The University of Wisconsin and University of Oregon also require mandatory, nonrefundable contributions to PIRG. ”
Thanks to Joan Bramsch for the tip