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Obama1.pngBy B.L. Ochman
Perhaps too little, too late, but Barak Obama has definitively and formally denounced and distanced himself from the explosive Rev. Wrong. But Obama blew it. He’s been Swiftboated by both Rev. Wrong and mainstream media. And he should have fought back – weeks ago, actually – where he’s strongest, on YouTube.
Instead of fueling the media feeding frenzy, Obama should have made his case on his site, uploaded the video to YouTube, and let MSM get the story from there.
Because in this election, that’s where the story is – online, where young people are. Where the new influencers are.

They’re the ones who’ll swing this election. They’re the ones who are the most sick and tired of the status quo, the bloated election process, the repetition of the same old divisive, ugly, character assassinating crap that elections have been for at least 100 years in America.
It’s a subdued Obama talking now. It’s a guy who played the Rev Wright card wrong a couple of weeks ago, and who’ll pay at the polls. And the same MSM vultures who counted Hillary Clinton out on one loss are counting Obama out because he”s down.
Obama’s inexperience is showing. He’s been arrogant. I can do without the arrogance. Maybe now we’ll get to the real Obama. Because hope is appealing, and hope is needed, so I, for one, for now, am reserving my judgment about Barak Obama’s chances.
But Jeez! Somebody update the landing page for We’ve moved way past ephemeral promises. It’s time to cut straight to the policies.