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chubbygore.pngDear President Gore: People are saying that you always go on a diet before you announce a run for office. And I’d love for you to run, so I’d like to extend an invitation to you become a fat blogger with me, Jason Calacanis, Hugh Macleod, and many other bloggers who want to get back to our fighting weight.
I don’t know anything about the political leanings of other fatblolggers, but I am sure that all of them would want you to be at a healthy weight and feeling good. I personally blew it last night with some bar nuts (the edible kind) at Gramercy Tavern. But I’m back today, working on my soon-to-be-gone 15 lbs.
There’s plenty of time for your declaration. The candidates who’ve already declared will burn out soon. And when you throw your hat in the ring, I hope you’ll have Mayor Bloomberg on your ticket as VP. C’mon President Gore, fatblogging is a great place to start. You can do this thing!